Eduladders Knowledge Workshops focus on helping delegates to acquire the knowledge and behaviors required to undertake particular aspects of their role

Eduladder Present:

Self-Exploration with Mystic Mandalas (Basic course) Facilitated by Arun.

Eduladders self-exploration workshops are the workshops designed with art, color combined with meditation techniques to raise a question and get answers on your self with the primary intention of who you are and what you want to be. And use those answers to improve the quality of your life and beings around you.

We are very happy to begin our journey in 2019 with a basic workshop on mandalas by the young and talented practitioner, Arun.

What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a symbolic representation of the whole universe - a microcosm representing the macrocosm. When we paint Mandalas we experience various levels of ecstasy in different stages of our journey. Imagine the present space which we are in as the manifestation of the unmanifest. The easiest way to unite with the unmanifest is to use a key which opens a door through us. This is where mandala paintings help us - they are sacred geometric patterns which act as the key which opens this door. in India Hindus and Buddhists have been exploring the use of it for millennia, while in the west such sacred geometry have been explored by great artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci

Use of practicing mandala painting

Like the Japanese tea ceremony, this is one of the easiest ways to meditate and explore the Self and experience the unmanifest. It helps us achieve:

:- Calm mind
:- Improved focus and attention
:- Integrated vision of life and the universe as a whole
:- Improved problem-solving skills
:- Stillness and Equanimity
:- Increased Compassion towards Self and Others

About Arun:

Arun is a programmer, engineer, and founder of a successful startup, Eduladder, in the Ed-tech space. Born in a Vedic astologer family in Kerala, he grew up in Narayana Gurukula with various artists and yogis. He was initiated into painting and sculpting by the mystic artist Sahadeva and into Tantra by Yogi Sahajajnana Teertha, a student of Jean letschert (ascharyacharya), who was a prominent disciple of Nataraja Guru. He has done a lot of self study and research in Indian and universal mythology under the guidence of Matha chaithanyamai (Narayana gurukul-East west universe of brahmavidya center for aesthetics of creations Banglore) and likes to share those experiences and how they can be used to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Open to anyone above 18 years. No previous training in painting needed.

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