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A watershed area of 1851 hectare has maximum distance of 7.12 km from the outlet to the farthest point on the divide line. The form factor of the watershed is Gate-Agricultural-2016
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Annual average soil loss from a watershed has been measured as 20 Mg ha^-1 year^-1. Watershed has 8% land slope and 84 m maximum slope length. Assume all other factors same and dimensionless exponent for slope factor is 0.5. To reduce soil loss from
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A watershed of area 80 ha has a runoff coefficient of 0.3. A storm of intensity 5 cm h-1 occurs for a duration more than the time of concentration of the watershed. The peak discharge in m3 s -1 (rounded off to two decimal places) is __________.
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Find out more about watershed development and how it benefits an area? (CBSE SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS 6)
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Explain how ‘watershed management’ and ‘rainwater harvesting’ are the methods of efficient management and conservation of surface water resources in India. (GEOGRAPHY-CBSE-12-2018)
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What are the benefits of implementing the ‘Integrated Watershed Development Programme’?
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The normal annual rainfall for 5 rain guage stations A, B, C, D and E in a watershed were 112.7, 120.4, 118.3, 125.2 and 110.6 cm, respectively. In a particular year, the rain gauge installed at station C failed to record rainfall. In the same year t
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Consider the following pairs :
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