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name any four steps taken to goverment to conserve plans and animals



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Name any two steps that government has taken to conserve plants and animals. CBSE-geography-class-8
1 Answer

State the steps needed to conserve wildlife.-CBSE Geography
1 Answer

What are the ways to conserve resources? CBSE-geography-class-8
1 Answer

Suggest three ways to conserve water. CBSE-geography-class-8
1 Answer

The hungry cat is trying to catch Kunjan the mouse. Kunjan is now on the 14th step and it can jump 2 steps at a time. The cat is on the third step. She can jump 3 steps at a time. If the mouse reaches 28 it can hide in the hole. Find out whether the mouse can get away safely! - class 5 math
1 Answer

Mention four different ways you as students can help conserve our natural resources. CBSE-geography-class-8
1 Answer

Give the meaning of objectives and budget as types of plans -Business studies cbse 2017 class 12
1 Answer

Meena, Beena and Leena are climbing the steps to the hill top. Meena is at step s, Beena is 8 steps ahead and Leena 7 steps behind. Where are Beena and Meena? The total number of steps to the hill top is 10 less than 4 times what Meena has reached. Express the total number of steps using s-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra
1 Answer

How do desert animals survive without water? (CBSE ENGLISH CLASS 6)
1 Answer

Explain, why speed is important for survival in the grasslands for animals that live there. (Hint: There are few trees or places for animals to hide in grasslands habitats.) (Science-Ncert class 6)
1 Answer

You have noticed many stray animals on the road during the busy hours of the day. Write a letter to the editor of a leading newspaper about the nuisance created by the stray animals. Sign your name as Kriti/ Krishnan. (120 words) CBSE English
1 Answer

Identify and explain the different types of plans discussed. CBSE business studies 2016 class 11
1 Answer

Give the meaning of ‘Strategy’ and ‘Rule’ as types of plans. -Business studies cbse 2017 class 12
1 Answer

Quoting lines from the above para identify and explain the different types of plans discussed. -CBSE business studies 2016 class 11
1 Answer

Which of the following statements about reviews is true?
0 Answer

What are warm blooded animals? Science-Cbse- Class 6th- 2017
1 Answer

Muscle is a tissue which is unique to animals and plays a leading role in mobility of animals. Explain. -cbse-biotechnology-class11-2014
1 Answer

Explain the hierarchy of plans?
2 Answer

What are the major plans of SIDBI?
1 Answer

Which is the best reason why understanding global warming so important?
1 Answer

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