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Express tha following as tha sum of two odd primes 24


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Express the following as the sum of two odd primes. (a) 44 (b) 36 (c) 24 (d) 18-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-
1 Answer

The poems and the song in this Unit allow you to see the range of ways in which individuals and communities express their opinions, their anger and their sorrow. In class, do the following two exercises: - CBSE class 8 civics
1 Answer

One person has been dominating the current software process improvement meeting. Which of the following techniques should the facilitator use to bring other team members into the discussion? (3M)
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Define uniform circular motion. Derive expression for centripetal acceleration. What is the direction of centripetal acceleration. Express it in terms of angular speed. Physics Cbse class 11
1 Answer

The height of a person is 1.65 m. Express it into cm and mm.(Science-Ncert class 6)
1 Answer

Express as 24- hours clock time-CBSE-Mathematics-Class 4
1 Answer

How would you express rain as −an agent of floods? −a source of water for dams?English-CBSE-Class-9 NCERT Solutions
1 Answer

The distance between Radhas home and her school is 3250 m. Express this distance into km.(Science-Ncert class 6)
1 Answer

A bus travels at v km per hour. It is going from Daspur to Beespur. After the bus has travelled 5 hours, Beespur is still 20 km away. What is the distance from Daspur to Beespur? Express it using v.-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra
1 Answer

Express the following into scientific notation a) 0.00016 b) 33693.68. CBSE- class11- Chemistry 2016
1 Answer

A bird flies 1 kilometer in one minute. Can you express the distance covered by the bird in terms of its flying time in minutes? (Use t for flying time in minutes.)-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra
1 Answer

A rectangular box has height h cm. Its length is 5 times the height and breadth is 10 cm less than the length. Express the length and the breadth of the box in terms of the height-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra
1 Answer

Meena, Beena and Leena are climbing the steps to the hill top. Meena is at step s, Beena is 8 steps ahead and Leena 7 steps behind. Where are Beena and Meena? The total number of steps to the hill top is 10 less than 4 times what Meena has reached. Express the total number of steps using s-Mathematics-cbse-std 6th-Algebra
1 Answer

Read the following news item. Nimone is a village on the Chauphula-Shirur Road. Like many others, this village has also been facing a severe water shortage for the last few months and villagers depend on tankers for all their needs. Bhagvan Mahadeo Lad (35) of this village was beaten with sticks, iron rods and axes by a group of seven men. The incident came to light w hen some villagers brought a badly injured Lad to hospital for treatment. In the FIR recorded by the police Lad said that he was attacked when he insisted that the water in the tanker must be emptied into the storage tanks constructed as part of the water supply scheme by Nimone Gram Panchayat so that there would be equal distribution of water. How ever, he alleged that the upper caste men were against this and told him that the tanker water was not meant for the lower castes.Adapted from Indian Express, May 1, 2004 a. Why was Bhagvan beaten? b. Do you think that the above is a case of discrimination? Why? (CBSE SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS 6)
1 Answer

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