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There is one application, which runs on a single terminal. There is another application that works on multiple terminals. What are the test techniques you will use on the second application that you would not do on the first application?
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A node application developer is working on an application wherein he has to send a message back to the client from the server.
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With the help of neat figure explain the enterprise application architecture illustrating the major cross functional enterprise application and their interrelationships
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How to enable PHP short tags?
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What Are The Web Application Security Risks That A Web Developer Should Avoid While Doing Development Using AngularJS?
1 Answer

What do you mean by Application Cache in HTML5?
1 Answer

How to test Angular JS application?
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Consider a two-level cache hierarchy L1 and L2 caches. An application incurs 1.4 memory accesses per instruction on average. For this application, the miss rate of L1 cache 0.1, the L2 cache experience on average. 7 misses per 1000 instructions. The miss rate of L2 expressed correct to two decimal places is ______________. -gate computer science 2017
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Garvit Ltd. invited applications for issuing 3,000, 11% Debentures of ` 100 each at a discount of 6%. The full amount was payable on application. Applications were received for 3,600 debentures. Applications for 600 debentures were rejected and the application money was refunded. Debentures were allotted to the remaining applicants. Pass the necessary journal entries for the above transactions in the books of Garvit Ltd.
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How even though node js is sigle threaded how it can be asynchornous?
1 Answer

What are application specific chains?
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How to Setup Burp Suite for Bug Bounty or Web Application Penetration Testing?
1 Answer

Is Node a single threaded application?
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Write a swing application which display a counter
1 Answer

The protocol data unit (PDU) for the application layer in the Internet stack is -gate-computer science-2012
1 Answer

Write one application of magnetic field of current carrying solenoid. 2009 CBSE Physic class 10
1 Answer

Which OSI Reference Layer controls application to application communication?
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Is flask an MVC model? If yes, justify your answer by showing an example of your application with the help of MVC pattern?
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What is AngularJS Application Life-Cycle ?
3 Answer

Is there a way to decrease the load time of a web application? (websitedev)
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