Explain the reaction between non metal and oxygen cbse class8 chemistry 2015

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Explain the reaction between non-metal and oxygen. cbse-class8-chemistry-2015



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  1. Reaction with oxygen:
    Non-metals react with oxygen to form non-metallic oxides. These oxides are acidic oxides because they react with water to form acids.
    Eg. Sulphur burns in air to form sulphurdioxide. Sulphurdioxide reacts with water to form sulphurous acid.
    S + O2 ---> SO2
    SO2+ H2O ---> H2SO3
  2. Reaction with water:
    Non-metals do not react with water
  3. Reaction with acids:
    Most non-metals do not react with acids.
    Some non-metals like sulphur react with concentrated nitric acid to form sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and water.
    S + 4 HNO3 ---> SO2+ 4 NO2+2 H2O


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