In what ways the Nazi state seek to establish total control over the people socialstudies cbse class 9

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In what ways the Nazi state seek to establish total control over the people? socialstudies-cbse-class-9

In what ways the Nazi state seek to establish total control over the people?


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Hitler, after coming to power, emerged as an all powerful dictator.
He destroyed demooracy in Germany.

The First Fire decree in 1933 suspended the civic rights like freedom of speech, press and assembly and thus controlled the German population.

1. The Enabling Act was passed. It gave all powers to Hilter to Sideline Parliament and rule by decree.

2. All political parties except the Nazi Party were banned. All political opponents were imprisoned or assasinated.

3. The communists were suppressed and ‘sent to concentration camps.

4. Special security forces such as the SA, SS, SD and Gestapo were created to control and order society in ways that the Nazis wanted.

5. These forces were given extra constitutional powers.

6. In schools children were taught to be loyal and submissive hate and worship Hitler.

7. Nazi youth organisations, the like ‘Jungvolk’ and ‘Hitler Youth’ were created where the youth were taught to worship war and Hitler hate democracy, communism and Jews.

8. Media was used carefully to win the support for Hitler and Nazism. Nazi ideas were spread through visual images films, radio, posters and catchy slogans and leaflets.



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