Answer the following cbse 12 psychology 2015

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Answer the following. cbse-12-psychology-2015

Differentiate between group think and group polarization. Why does group polarization occur?


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Groupthink is characterized by the appearance of consensus or unanimous agreement within a group. Each member believes that all members agree upon a particular decision or a policy
.No one expresses dissenting opinion because each person here believes that it would
undermine the cohesion of the group and he/she would become unpopular.

Group polarization states that the decisions taken by the groups are more extreme that what
taken by individuals’ . (Explain concepts with the help of examples).

Group polarization basically occurs due to three basic reasons.

  • 1)in the company of likeminded people, more argument’s are more likely to hear newer arguments favoring each ones viewpoints.
  • 2) When others are found to favor a particular viewpoint, you feel that this view is validated by the public. This is a sort of bandwagon effect.
  • 3) When you find people having similar views, you likely to perceive them as in-group. You start identifying with the group, begin showing conformity, and as a result your views become strengthened.


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