What are the main problems of human capital formation in India Economics CBSE class 11 ncert

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What are the main problems of human capital formation in India? -Economics CBSE class 11 ncert

Book: Indian Economic Development
Chapter 5: Human Capital Formation in India
(NCERT textbook questions)


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Main problems of human capital formation in India:

Increasing population: An increase in population has adverse effect on the quality of human capital in developing countries such as India. This leads to reduction in per head availability of existing services such as employment, education, health care, sanitation, housing, electricity, transport as well as nutrition.
Poverty: People who live below the poverty line cannot afford basic education and healthcare facilities. This is one of the main problems of human capital formation in India.
Migration: Highly educated individuals migrate from one place to another for finding better employment opportunities. Economic growth and development is negatively affected by this migration of highly skilled labour.
Inappropriate planning: Inappropriate planning of human resources in India is the major obstacle in human capital formation. The supply of workforce does not match with the growing demand. There is no effort to maintain the demand and supply of technical labour force and to raise the standard of education. This has increased the rate of unemployment in the country.
Low quality of health and education facilities: Most of the health and education institutions provide inferior quality of education and health facilities. This negatively affects human capital formation. 


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