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Answer in 150-200 words: CBSE-english-2016

How does Anne criticize the attitude of the grown-ups in her diary?


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Within the hiding place of the annex, Anne is given the opportunity to observe and evaluate the lives and behavioural patterns of adults. She realises that adult life is not as rational and virtuous as children often think. She notices each of the five people living in the annex display their traits as time goes by. Mrs Van Daan and her husband are the most outspoken people. They demand special treatment and are constantly cribbing about minor things. Anne views Mrs Van Daan as an arrogant self-centered and pessimistic individual, always keen at pointing out the faults of others. All through her stay at the annex, she continues to lash out at the people around her for their pitiable conditions. Mr Van Daan, a chain smoker, is similar to his wife in many ways although his concerns are a little different. He is quarrelsome and keeps lamenting about his situation and his wife. Mr Dussel is a completely aloof and unaccommodating member of the annex. We are told that though he is the last addition to the annex, he is not willing to share his space with little Anne.


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