Answer the following CBSE english 2016

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Answer the following :CBSE-english-2016

What role does the diary play in Anne’s life?


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When  Anne  is  presented  with  the  diary  by  her  father  on  her  13th birthday, the  Franks are still living a civilized life. At that time, she feels that her family as well as her friends misunderstand  her. Thus,  she  turns  to  her  dairy  and  makes  it  her  new  friend  and confidante.  She  also  gives  the  diary  a  name  and  calls  it  Kitty. The diary becomes her sympathetic and non-judgemental ear.

When  they  move  to  the  annex after  the  Nazi  invasion,  the  diary  becomes Anne’s inseparable  companion.  She  feels  that  her  mother  has  become  cold  and  insensitive  in the annex. She also feels that the people of the annex find her annoying. She turns to her diary  to  express  her  emotions  regarding  all  these  things.  In  fact,  one  can  say  that  the diary  comes  to  her  rescue  by  allowing  her  to  vent  her  anger  through  her  words  rather than expressing it outright in front of the people in the annex.

Anne  occasionally  even  writes  to  Kitty  as  if  simply  asking  her  questions.  When  the atmosphere  is  tense  and  situations  worsen  in  the  annex  during  the  war,  Anne  turns  to her  diary  instead  of  losing  her  cool.  She  chooses  to  seek  her  dairy  for  comfort  rather than  worrying  the  already  worried  adults  in  the  annex.  This  is  an  indication  that  Anne becomes independent at a young age.

Anne’s regular dairy writing allows her to discover her true self. The dairy gives her a private  place  to  explore  her  sexuality  and  develop  her  increasingly  profound  thoughts and  ideas.  Anne  is  able  to look  back  at  the  accounts  in  her  diary  and  evaluate  life accordingly. Life is  miserable  in  the  annex  and  each  day  takes  the  people  of  the  annex close to  the  Holocaust. However,  Anne  is  seen calm  and  composed  till  her  last  entry  in Kitty just before they are captured and taken to the concentration camps.


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