Answer the following question in 150 200 words CBSE english 2016

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Answer the following question in 150-200 words: CBSE-english-2016

Annes father was close to her. What did she like about him? Why? 


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Anne describes her father as “the best father in the world” in her diary. We see him as a smart and a resourceful man who stood by his family at all times. He was the manager of a company called Opteka, which made “things for the jam-making business”. After the Nazi invasion, he grew more protective of his family and got angry if they were out after eight o'clock.

During the two years in the Annexe, Otto Frank was a pillar of strength for the people living there.  He tutored  the  children  and  tried  to  sooth  the  members  of  the  group  when  there  were  quarrels  and arguments. He consoled and encouraged Anne not only in the Annexe, but also when they were living in their house. He sided with her when there were arguments in the family. Anne thought of her father as more supporting and liberal than her mother. She felt a special connection to him and continually tried to impress him by living upto his expectations. She obeyed him to make him happy. Even when she  did  not  understand  why  he disapproved of  her  closeness  to Peter and  felt  hurt  about  it, out  of respect for him and attempting to please him, Anne avoided spending time with Peter.


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