Answer the following in 80 100 words CBSE english 2016

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Answer the following in 80-100 words: CBSE-english-2016

Keeping in mind the poem, Snake, write out a speech for the morning assembly on the topic, Snakes - a beautiful creation of God, an object of our love and not hatred.


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Respected Principal, Teachers, and my dear friends!
I am here to briefly talk about Snakes, a beautiful creation of God.
For many generations now, we humans have lived in fear and hatred of snakes. Our culture has taught us to see them as killers, constantly waiting to attack us. These myths and misconceptions keep us bound to our rudimentary thinking.
It is time we look at them objectively and learn a few facts about them. Snakes carry venom. But not all snakes are poisonous. Also, they use their venom as a last resort when they cannot escape the threat to their life. They are no different from any other creatures and like us they too have a right to life.


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