Why power sharing is Desirables civics class 10 cbse

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Why power sharing is Desirables? -civics-class 10-cbse

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1. To avoid conflict: it reduce the possibility of conflict between the various social groups. Since social conflict often leads to violence and political instability, power sharing is a good way to ensure political stability. Imposing the will of majority community over the minority may look like an attractive option in the short run, but in long run, it undermines the unity of the nation. Tyranny of the majority is not just oppressive for the minority, if often brings ruin to the majority as well.
2. Spirit of democracy: Power sharing is the basic spirit of democracy. A democratic rule involves the sharing of power with those affected by its exercise, and those who have to live with its effects. A democratic government is chosen by the people. So they are to be governed. A legitimate government is one where groups, through participation acquire a stake in the system.


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