What was the importance of the Indian trade for the British History cbse class 10th

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What was the importance of the Indian trade for the British? - History- cbse - class 10th

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1. Taxes, what would be called tribute in ancient times. But most of the taxes collected  went to local expenditures. Also, some revenue was used  hiring British administrators, which in a sense sends money to Britain. But I  really don't think that ships were hauling major revenue  back to  Britain.
2. Natural resources. Again, I think that the British didn't just grab huge amounts of gold/mahogany/curry and ship it home. Even if there was a bit of this, it couldn't economically justify having empire. And you don't need to control a country to set up operations there: E.g., international companies today extract oil in the Third World today, paying off the local dictator. 
3. Trade.  It is true that the process of conquest, starting with the East India Company's own army, was mostly aimed at forcing local nabobs to agree to trade, You'd think the nabobs would realize the value of free trade, but  apparently they  saw no more benefit in trade than robbing/heavily taxing it. But still, you don't need to control a country to trade with it, and conquest is expensive.


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