Distinctions between ac oustic ultrasonic subsonic and supersonic waves engineering physics

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Distinctions between- ac oustic, ultrasonic, subsonic and supersonic waves?-engineering physics

engineering physics


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Supersonics, branch of physics dealing with the phenomena arising when the velocity of a solid body exceeds the speed of sound in the medium, usually air, in which it is traveling. 
Ultrasonics, branch of physics dealing with high-frequency sound waves, usually in the range above 20,000 hertz (Hz), that is, above the audible range.
(of a sound) having a frequency too low to be audible
(of a speed) less than the speed of sound (in the same medium, and at the same temperature and pressure)
(fluid mechanics, of a flow) with a Mach number such that 0.3 < Ma < 0.8 (approximately - the exact limits vary between sources).


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