Give an formal Introduction to Nano Science engineering physics

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Give an formal Introduction to Nano Science,?-engineering physics

engineering physics


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Nanoscience is the study of phenomena on a nanometer scale. Atoms are a few tenths of a nanometer in diameter and molecules are typically a few nanometers in size. The smallest structures humans have made have dimensions of a few nanometers and the smallest structures we will ever make will have the dimensions of a few nanometers. This is because as soon as a few atoms are placed next to each other, the resulting structure is a few nanometers in size. The smallest transistors, memory elements, light sources, motors, sensors, lasers, and pumps are all just a few nanometers in size.
Besides the technological relevance of nanoscience (or perhaps because of the technological relevance) there is an enormous hype associated with it. Fantastic claims have been made about faster computers, cheap production of goods, and medical breakthroughs. Nanotechnology is expected to appear in products such as tennis rackets, self-cleaning cars, paint, food, cosmetics, and thermal underwear. Governments are investing billions of dollars into nanoscience research. 


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