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Show color codes and hexadecimal vales for each?

Color values and hexadecimal Notation

Asked On2017-05-16 19:16:25 by:Jhon

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Color Values

Colors are defined using a hexadecimal (hex) notation for the Red, Green, and Blue values (RGB).

The lowest value for each light source is 0 (hex 00). The highest value is 255 (hex FF).

Hex values are written as # followed by either three or six hex characters.

Three-digit notations (#rgb) are automatically converted to six digits (#rrggbb):

ColorColor 3 digit HEXColor 6 digit HEXColor RGB

Try it Yourself

Shades of grey (from black to white) are defined using equal values for all the 3 light sourses:

ColorColor 3 digit HEXColor 6 digit HEXColor RGB
Colors Sorted by HEX Value

Colors sorted by color name

Color NameHEXColorShadesMix
Black #000000 ShadesMix
Navy #000080 ShadesMix
DarkBlue #00008B ShadesMix
MediumBlue #0000CD ShadesMix
Blue #0000FF ShadesMix
DarkGreen #006400 ShadesMix
Green #008000 ShadesMix
Teal #008080 ShadesMix
DarkCyan #008B8B ShadesMix
DeepSkyBlue #00BFFF ShadesMix
DarkTurquoise #00CED1 ShadesMix
MediumSpringGreen #00FA9A ShadesMix
Lime #00FF00 ShadesMix
SpringGreen #00FF7F ShadesMix
Aqua #00FFFF ShadesMix
Cyan #00FFFF ShadesMix
MidnightBlue #191970 ShadesMix
DodgerBlue #1E90FF ShadesMix
LightSeaGreen #20B2AA ShadesMix
ForestGreen #228B22 ShadesMix
SeaGreen #2E8B57 ShadesMix
DarkSlateGray #2F4F4F ShadesMix
LimeGreen #32CD32 ShadesMix
MediumSeaGreen #3CB371 ShadesMix
Turquoise #40E0D0 ShadesMix
RoyalBlue #4169E1 ShadesMix
SteelBlue #4682B4 ShadesMix
DarkSlateBlue #483D8B ShadesMix
MediumTurquoise #48D1CC ShadesMix
Indigo  #4B0082 ShadesMix
DarkOliveGreen #556B2F ShadesMix
CadetBlue #5F9EA0 ShadesMix
CornflowerBlue #6495ED ShadesMix
2015-01-03 Answerd By:sachin

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