What is a data scanning device Mention any four such devices

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What is a data scanning device? Mention any four such devices.

 Computer Concepts and C Programming


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Input devices that enable direct data entry into a computer system from source documents Eliminate the need to key in text data into the computer due to reduced human effort in data entry, they improve data accuracy and also increase the timeliness of the information processed Demand high quality of input documents. Some data scanning devices are also capable of recognizing marks or characters 

some types of scanners are:

Standard Scanners
Standard scanners come in two basic configurations. Flatbed scanners are available as standalone units, or come integrated with other print hardware such as a printer, photocopier and fax machine. On a flatbed scanner, you place the paper on a screen and then scan it. The other standard scanner type is a feed-through scanner. It works like a fax machine or a printer -- you feed a page through the unit. These units are typically smaller than flatbed scanners, and some are specifically designed to be portable.

Specialized Scanners
There are several types of speciality scanners. For instance, small business card scanners allow you to quickly scan in the cards you receive while networking. Other units are designed for scanning high-quality photos. Drum scanners are a completely different type of scanner that spins the image at high speed while it is scanned pixel by pixel, creating the highest possible quality scanned image. These scanners are often used in commercial printing or graphics production.

Handheld Scanners
In addition to the portable scanners where you feed the paper through the device, there are also small, mobile, handheld scanners. Resembling a small bar, you manually pass the device over the image to be scanned. Some of these scanners have a certain amount of on-board memory so that you can scan images and then later download them to a computer, meaning you don't have to carry a computer with you just to scan an image.

Developers have created a host of apps for smartphones that take advantage of the integrated technology in order to operate like a tiny, portable scanner. These apps use the camera in the smartphone to scan an image of the target document. The quality of the scanned image depends partly on the software, and partly on the quality of the camera integrated into the phone. These apps also include other features to enable easy sharing or conversion of the resultant files.


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