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Read the following article and answer Numbers 1 through 5. You may look back at the article as often as you like.

                                                      The Globe Theater 
THE GLOBE THEATER, a playhouse originally constructed in 1599 across the Thames River from London, England, has been rebuilt a second time. The reconstructed theater was opened officially in 1997. The Globe, perhaps the most famous theater in history, was the scene of William Shakespeare’s major plays, and two of his works about English kings bracketed its early years. The first, Henry V, christened the new theater; the second, Henry VIII, was playing in 1613 when a cannon, discharged at the entry of the king, set the thatched roof afire and completely destroyed the building. It was rebuilt in a year, but again tragically razed in 1644. It was in the opening chorus of Henry V that Shakespeare referred to the theater as “this wooden O.” His pride was justified, since he had been made a part owner of the building. The original Globe was constructed by a syndicate headed by the Burbage brothers, Cuthbert and Richard. To build it, they tore down their previous playhouse, “The Theater,” and transported the timber to the new site on carts. Luckily, it was an extremely cold winter, so the workmen were able to haul the material across the Thames, rather than using the crowded London Bridge. The stage itself was ideally suited to the intimate, swiftly moving style of Elizabethan drama. The jutting forestage was used for general action. Behind it, there was a curtainedoff area that could become a bedroom, as in Othello, or a cave, as in The Tempest. Above that was a gallery that was ideal for balcony scenes, and over that a smaller gallery for musicians. Above all was a false ceiling, known as “the Heavens.” Permanent doors gave access on either side of the main stage; trap doors allowed for sudden appearances and disappearances. The general audience, known as “groundlings,” stood in the unroofed “yard” of the theater to watch the plays. A rough and rowdy bunch, they loved ghosts, sword fights, and S A M P L E Q U E S T I O N S 16 amusing wordplay. Around them, in the galleries, the wealthier customers sat. The courtiers and gallants, for a higher price, were allowed to sit on the stage itself. Rebuilding the famous playhouse was the dream of American actor Sam Wanamaker. In London, just after World War II, he tried to find the site of the theater and could locate nothing more than a metal plaque on a decrepit brewery. He spent the next 40 years finding the money and organizing the reconstruction of an exact replica of the old Globe, just a few yards from its original location. Now, tourists visiting London can put themselves in the shoes of those Elizabethan playgoers who cheered and jeered from the yard and galleries of the “wooden O.”
Circle the correct letter. 
1. Workmen were able to haul materials across the Thames River because 
A. it was frozen over. B. London Bridge had been built. C. they had specialized equipment. D. it was less crowded than London Bridge. 
2. What was the main idea of this article?
A. The Globe Theater has a long history. B. The Globe Theater is now a tourist attraction. C. The Globe Theater has recently been rebuilt. D. The Globe Theater is currently owned by a syndicate. 
3. What is apparent from the seating arrangements at the Globe? 
A. There was one ticket price for all. B. The audience appreciated fine music. C. Trap doors allowed for dramatic entrances. D. There were distinctions among social classes. 
4. What caused the Globe Theater to burn down? 
A. a cannon shot B. a rowdy patron C. the king’s entry D. the wooden stage 
5. Which set of statements BEST summarizes the article? 
A. The Globe is the most famous theater in history because Shakespeare’s plays were performed there. It burned down and then was rebuilt a year later. B. The Globe’s design made it the ideal theater for Shakespeare’s plays. For this reason, it was reconstructed after many years and despite difficult problems. C. The Globe was originally constructed by the Burbage brothers on the site of an earlier playhouse. After years as the site of Shakespeare’s plays, it was razed and then rebuilt. D. The Globe, where Shakespeare’s plays were first performed, is possibly the most famous theater in history. A rebuilt version of it was opened in London after a period of reconstruction.

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