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Asked On2019-06-27 15:41:58 by:RSHAH12

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The state of the cryosphere strongly depends on and interacts with atmospheric conditions, on local to hemispheric spatial scales, and on hourly to glacial-interglacial scales. It has a non-linear response to changes in temperature, due to threshold effects associated with melt. The affects of Cryosphere on global climate are discussed below:
1. The Albedo of snow/ice sheet is high and plays important role in solar radiation because reflect much of the insolation, which helps in cooling of the earth. But due to global warming, some of the snow/ice-sheets are getting melt which resulted multiplier effects. Thus, presence or absence of snow and ice affects the heating and cooling of Earth’s surface. This influences the entire planet’s energy balance.
2.  It influences the surface energy, greenhouse gases and water fluxes. For Example- Changes in Arctic sea ice and snow cover may affect the mid-latitude atmospheric circulation.
3. It plays important role in cooling the air which affects the climate of the regions of Iceland, Greenland, Russia etc.
4. The polar region acts as carbon sink and trapped tonnes of carbon inside its soil. If the frozen water form like snow, sea ice, lake and river ice, glaciers, ice sheets, icebergs and frozen ground melts then it will release in form of methane- a powerful greenhouse gas- which will catalyse the global warming.
5. When seawater is condense into sea ice at Polar region then the surrounding water gets saltier. Saltier water has higher density; it sinks and initiates thermohaline circulation patterns across the oceans of the world. These Ocean currents act like a conveyer belt, transporting warm water from the equator toward the poles and cold water from the poles back to the tropics. Thus, currents regulate global climate. Some of these currents affect rain and drought situation via El-Nino La-Nina effect.
6. If the frozen form of water melts, then the volume of water in the oceans will be affected. So any changes in the water cycle, affects global energy / heat budget, and thereby global climate.

Answerd on:2019-07-03 Answerd By:ChocoLite

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