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Rig-Veda-Mandala-10-->View question

Asked On2022-08-05 10:23:00 by:divyakant

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Hymn 81

इमा विश्वा भुवनानि जुह्वद रषिर्होता नयसीदत्पिता नः |
आशिषा दरविणमिछमानः परथमछदवराना विवेश ||
किं सविदासीदधिष्ठनमारम्भणं कतमत सवित्कथासीत |
यतो भूमिं जनयन विश्वकर्म वि दयामौर्णोन महिना विश्वचक्षाः ||
विश्वतश्चक्षुरुत विश्वतोमुखो विश्वतोबाहुरुतविश्वतस्पात |
सं बाहुभ्यां धमति सं पतत्रैर्द्यावाभूमी जनयन देव एकः ||
किं सविद वनं वर्क्ष आस यतो दयावाप्र्थिवीनिष्टतक्षुः |
मनीषिणो मनसा पर्छतेदु तद यदध्यतिष्ठद भुवनानि धारयन ||
या ते धामानि परमाणि यावमा या मध्यमाविश्वकर्मन्नुतेमा |
शिक्षा सखिभ्यो हविषि सवधावःस्वयं यजस्व तन्वं वर्धानः ||
विश्वकर्मन हविषा वाव्र्धानः सवयं यजस्व पर्थिवीमुत दयाम |
मुह्यन्त्वन्ये अभितो जनास इहास्माकं मघवासूरिरस्तु ||
वाचस पतिं विश्वकर्माणमूतये मनोजुवं वाजे अद्याहुवेम |
नो विश्वानि हवनानि जोषद विश्वशम्भूरवसेसाधुकर्मा ||

1. HE who sate down as Hotar-priest, the Rsi, our Father, offering up all things existing,-

     He, seeking through his wish a great possession, came among men on earth as archetypal.

2. What was the place whereon he took his station? What was it that supported him? How was it?

     Whence Visvakarman, seeing all, producing the earth, with mighty power disclosed the heavens.

3. He who hath eyes on all sides round about him, a mouth on all sides, arms and feet on all sides,

     He, the Sole God, producing earth and heaven, weldeth them, with his arms as wings, together.

4. What was the tree, what wood in sooth produced it, from which they fashioned out the earth and heaven?

     Ye thoughtful men inquire within your spirit whereon he stood when he established all things.

5. Nine highest, lowest, sacrificial natures, and these thy mid-most here, O Visvakarman,

     Teach thou thy friends at sacrifice, O Blessed, and come thyself, exalted, to our worship.

6. Bring thou thyself, exalted with oblation, O Visvakarman, Earth and Heaven to worship.

     Let other men around us live in folly here let us have a rich and liberal patron.

7. Let us invoke to-day, to aid our labour, the Lord of Speech, the thought-swift Visvakarman.

     May he hear kindly all our invocations who gives all bliss for aid, whose works are righteous.

Answerd on:2022-08-05 Answerd By:divyakant

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