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Rig-Veda-Mandala-10-->View question

Asked On2022-08-05 10:20:14 by:divyakant

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Hymn 80

अग्निः सप्तिं वाजम्भरं ददात्यग्निर्वीरं शरुत्यंकर्मनिष्ठाम |
अग्नी रोदसी वि चरत समञ्जन्नग्निर्नारीं वीरकुक्षिं पुरन्धिम ||
अग्नेरप्नसः समिदस्तु भद्राग्निर्मही रोदसी विवेश |
अग्निरेकं चोदयत समत्स्वग्निर्व्र्त्राणि दयते पुरूणि ||
अग्निर्ह तयं जरतः कर्णमावाग्निरद्भ्यो निरदहज्जरूथम |
अग्निरत्रिं घर्म उरुष्यदन्तरग्निर्न्र्मेधम्प्र जयास्र्जत सम ||
अग्निर्दाद दरविणं वीरपेशा अग्निरषिं यः सहस्रासनोति |
अग्निर्दिवि हव्यमा ततानाग्नेर्धामानिविभ्र्ता पुरुत्रा ||
अग्निमुक्थैरषयो वि हवयन्ते.अग्निं नरो यामनिबाधितासः |
अग्निं वयो अन्तरिक्षे पतन्तो.अग्निः सहस्रापरि याति गोनाम ||
अग्निं विश ईळते मानुषीर्या अग्निं मनुषो नहुषो विजाताः |
अग्निर्गान्धर्वीं पथ्यां रतस्याग्नेर्गव्यूतिर्घ्र्त निषत्ता ||
अग्नये बरह्म रभवस्ततक्षुरग्निं महामवोचामा सुव्र्क्तिम |
अग्ने पराव जरितारं यविष्ठाग्ने महि दरविणमायजस्व ||

1. AGNI bestows the fleet prize-winning courser: Agni, the hero famed and firm in duty.

     Agni pervades and decks the earth and heaven, and fills the fruitful dame who teems with heroes.

2. Blest be the wood that feeds the active Agni: within the two great worlds hath Agni entered.

     Agni impels a single man to battle, and with him rends in pieces many a foeman.

3. Agni rejoiced the car of him who praised him, and from the waters burnt away Jarutha.

     Agni saved Atri in the fiery cave, and made Nrmedha rich with troops of children.

4. Agni hath granted wealth that decks the hero, and sent the sage who wins a thousand cattle.

     Agni hath made oblations rise to heaven: to every place are Agni's laws extended.

5. With songs of praise the Rsis call on Agni; on Agni, heroes worsted in the foray.

     Birds flying in the region call on Agni around a thousand cattle Agni wanders.

6. Races of human birth pay Agni worship, men who have sprung from Nahus' line adore him.

     Stablished in holy oil is Agni's pasture, on the Gandharva path of Law and Order.

7. The Rbhus fabricated prayer for Agni, and we with mighty hymns have called on Agni.

     Agni, Most Youthful God, protect the singer: win us by worship, Agni, great possessions.

Answerd on:2022-08-05 Answerd By:divyakant

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