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Rig-Veda-Mandala-10-->View question

Asked On2022-08-05 09:49:35 by:divyakant

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Hymn 75

पर सु आपो महिमानमुत्तमं कारुर्वोचाति सदनेविवस्वतः |
पर सप्त-सप्त तरेधा हि चक्रमुः परस्र्त्वरीणामति सिन्धुरोजसा ||
पर ते.अरदद वरुणो यातवे पथः सिन्धो यद वाजानभ्यद्रवस्त्वम |
भूम्या अधि परवता यासि सानुना यदेषामग्रं जगतामिरज्यसि ||
दिवि सवनो यतते भूम्योपर्यनन्तं शुष्ममुदियर्तिभानुना |
अभ्रादिव पर सतनयन्ति वर्ष्टयः सिन्धुर्यदेति वर्षभो रोरुवत ||
अभि तवा सिन्धो शिशुमिन मातरो वाश्रा अर्षन्तिपयसेव धेनवः |
राजेव युध्वा नयसि तवमित सिचौ यदासामग्रं परवतामिनक्षसि ||
इमं मे गङगे यमुने सरस्वति शुतुद्रि सतेमं सचता परुष्ण्या |
असिक्न्या मरुद्व्र्धे वितस्तयार्जीकीये शर्णुह्यासुषोमया ||
तर्ष्टामया परथमं यातवे सजूः ससर्त्वा रसयाश्वेत्या तया |
तवं सिन्धो कुभया गोमतीं करुमुम्मेहत्न्वा सरथं याभिरीयसे ||
रजीत्येनी रुशती महित्वा परि जरयांसि भरते रजांसि |
अदब्धा सिन्धुरपसामपस्तमाश्वा चित्रावपुषीव दर्शता ||
सवश्वा सिन्धुः सुरथा सुवासा हिरण्ययी सुक्र्तावाजिनीवती |
ऊर्णावती युवतिः सीलमावत्युताधि वस्तेसुभगा मधुव्र्धम ||
सुखं रथं युयुजे सिधुरश्विनं तेन वाजं सनिषदस्मिन्नाजौ |
महान हयस्य महिमा पनस्यते.अदब्धस्यस्वयशसो विरप्शिनः ||


1. THE singer, O ye Waters in Vivasvan's place, shall tell your grandeur forth that is beyond compare.

     The Rivers have come forward triply, seven and seven. Sindhu in might surpasses all the streams that flow.

2. Varuna cut the channels for thy forward course, O Sindhu, when thou rannest on to win the race.

     Thou speedest o'er precipitous ridges of the earth, when thou art Lord and Leader of these moving floods.

3. His roar is lifted up to heaven above the earth: he puts forth endless vigour with a flash of light.

     Like floods of rain that fall- in thunder from the cloud, so Sindhu rushes on bellowing like a bull.

4. Like mothers to their calves, like milch kine with their milk, so, Sindhu, unto thee the roaring rivers run.

     Thou leadest as a warrior king thine army's wings what time thou comest in the van of these swift streams.

5. Favour ye this my laud, O Ganga, Yamuna, O Sutudri, Parusni and Sarasvati:

     With Asikni, Vitasta, O Marudvrdha, O Arjikiya with Susoma hear my call.

6. First with Trstama thou art eager to flow forth, with Rasa, and Susartu, and with Svetya here,

     With Kubha; and with these, Sindhu and Mehatnu, thou seekest in thy course Krumu and Gomati.

7. Flashing and whitely-gleaming in her mightiness, she moves along her ample volumes through the realms,

     Most active of the active, Sindhu unrestrained, like to a dappled mare, beautiful, fair to see.

8. Rich in good steeds is Sindhu, rich in cars and robes, rich in gold, nobly-fashioned, rich in ample wealth.

     Blest Silamavati and young Urnavati invest themselves with raiment rich in store of sweets.

9. Sindhu hath yoked her car, light-rolling, drawn by steeds, and with that car shall she win booty in this fight.

     So have I praised its power, mighty and unrestrained, of independent glory, roaring as it runs.

Answerd on:2022-08-05 Answerd By:divyakant

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