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Which Mandala describes Indra defeating evils like Vyamsa and Dasyus?

 Which Mandala describes Indra defeating evils like Vyamsa and Dasyus?

Asked On2022-08-05 09:28:25 by:AkshatSinha

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The answer is Mandala 3, hymn 2.11 :


स जि॑न्वते ज॒ठरे॑षु प्रजज्ञि॒वान्वृषा॑ चि॒त्रेषु॒ नान॑द॒न्न सिं॒हः ।

वै॒श्वा॒न॒रः पृ॑थु॒पाजा॒ अम॑र्त्यो॒ वसु॒ रत्ना॒ दय॑मानो॒ वि दा॒शुषे॑ ॥


1. FORT-RENDER, Lord of Wealth, dispelling foemen, Indra with lightnings hath o'ercome the Dasa.

     Impelled by prayer and waxen great in body, he hath filled earth and heaven, the Bounteous Giver.

2. I stimulate thy zeal, the Strong, the Hero decking my song of praise forth; Immortal.

     O Indra, thou art equally the Leader of heavenly hosts and human generations.

3. Leading, his band Indra encompassed Vrtra; weak grew the wily leader of enchanters.

     He who burns fierce in forests slaughtered Vyamsa, and made the Milch-kine of the nights apparent.

4. Indra, light-winner, days' Creator, conquered, victorious, hostile bands with those who loved him.

     For man the days' bright ensign he illumined, and found the light for his joy and gladness.

5. Forward to fiercely falling blows pressed Indra, hero like doing many hero exploits.

     These holy songs he taught the bard who praised him, and widely spread these Dawns' resplendent colour.

6. They laud the mighty acts of him the Mighty, the many glorious deeds performed by Indra.

     He in his strength, with all-surpassing prowess, through wondrous arts crushed the malignant Dasyus.

7. Lord of the brave, Indra who rules the people gave freedom to the Gods by might and battle.

     Wise singers glorify with chanted praises these his achievements in Vivasvan's dwelling.

8. Excellent, Conqueror, the victory-giver, the winner of the light and Godlike Waters,

     He who hath won this broad earth and this heaven, -in Indra they rejoice who love devotions.

9. He gained possession of the Sun and Horses, Indra obtained the Cow who feedeth many.

     Treasure of gold he won; he smote the Dasyus, and gave protection to the Aryan colour.

10. He took the plants and days for his possession; he gained the forest trees and air's mid-region.

     Vala he cleft, and chased away opponents: thus was he tamer of the overweening.

11. Call we on Maghavan, auspicious Indra, best Hero in the fight where spoil is gathered,

     The Strong, who listens, who gives aid in battles, who slays the Vrtras, wins and gathers treasures.

Answerd on:2022-08-05 Answerd By:AkshatSinha

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