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Rig-Veda-Mandala-5-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 16:37:35 by:Ashwini-Raddekar

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Hymn : 31

Mantra :

इन्द्रो रथाय परवतं कर्णोति यम अध्यस्थान मघवा वाजयन्तम |

यूथेव पश्वो वय उनोति गोपा अरिष्टो याति परथमः सिषासन ||

आ पर दरव हरिवो मा वि वेनः पिशङगराते अभि नः सचस्व |

नहि तवद इन्द्र वस्यो अन्यद अस्त्य अमेनांश चिज जनिवतश चकर्थ ||

उद यत सहः सहस आजनिष्ट देदिष्ट इन्द्र इन्द्रियाणि विश्वा |

पराचोदयत सुदुघा वव्रे अन्तर वि जयोतिषा संवव्र्त्वत तमो ऽवः ||

अनवस ते रथम अश्वाय तक्षन तवष्टा वज्रम पुरुहूत दयुमन्तम |

बरह्माण इन्द्रम महयन्तो अर्कैर अवर्धयन्न अहये हन्तवा उ ||

वर्ष्णे यत ते वर्षणो अर्कम अर्चान इन्द्र गरावाणो अदितिः सजोषाः |

अनश्वासो ये पवयो ऽरथा इन्द्रेषिता अभ्य अवर्तन्त दस्यून ||

पर ते पूर्वाणि करणानि वोचम पर नूतना मघवन या चकर्थ |

शक्तीवो यद विभरा रोदसी उभे जयन्न अपो मनवे दानुचित्राः ||

तद इन नु ते करणं दस्म विप्राहिं यद घनन्न ओजो अत्रामिमीथाः |

शुष्णस्य चित परि माया अग्र्भ्णाः परपित्वं यन्न अप दस्यूंर असेधः ||

तवम अपो यदवे तुर्वशायारमयः सुदुघाः पार इन्द्र |

उग्रम अयातम अवहो ह कुत्सं सं ह यद वाम उशनारन्त देवाः ||

इन्द्राकुत्सा वहमाना रथेना वाम अत्या अपि कर्णे वहन्तु |

निः षीम अद्भ्यो धमथो निः षधस्थान मघोनो हर्दो वरथस तमांसि ||

वातस्य युक्तान सुयुजश चिद अश्वान कविश चिद एषो अजगन्न अवस्युः |

विश्वे ते अत्र मरुतः सखाय इन्द्र बरह्माणि तविषीम अवर्धन ||

सूरश चिद रथम परितक्म्यायाम पूर्वं करद उपरं जूजुवांसम |

भरच चक्रम एतशः सं रिणाति पुरो दधत सनिष्यति करतुं नः ||

आयं जना अभिचक्षे जगामेन्द्रः सखायं सुतसोमम इछन |

वदन गरावाव वेदिम भरियाते यस्य जीरम अध्वर्यवश चरन्ति ||

ये चाकनन्त चाकनन्त नू ते मर्ता अम्र्त मो ते अंह आरन |

वावन्धि यज्यूंर उत तेषु धेह्य ओजो जनेषु येषु ते सयाम ||

Meaning :

1. MAGHAVAN Indra turns his chariot downward, the strength-displaying car which he hath mounted.

     Even as a herdsman driveth forth his cattle, he goeth, first, uninjured, fain for treasure.

2. Haste to us, Lord of Bays; be not ungracious: visit us, lover of gold-hued oblation.

     There is naught else better than thou art, Indra: e'en to the wifeless hast thou given spouses.

3. When out of strength arose the strength that conquers, Indra displayed all powers that he possesses.

     Forth from the cave he drove the milky mothers, and with the light laid bare investing darkness.

4. Anus have wrought a chariot for thy Courser, and Tvastar, Much-invoked! thy bolt that glitters.

     The Brahmans with their songs exalting Indra increased his strength that he might slaughter Ahi.

5. When heroes sang their laud to thee the Hero, Indra! and stones and Aditi accordant,

     Without or steed or chariot were the fellies which, sped by Indra, rolled upon the Dasytis.

6. I will declare thine exploits wrought aforetime, and, Maghavan, thy deeds of late achievement,

     When, Lord of Might, thou sunderedst earth and heaven, winning for man the moistly-gleaming waters.

7. This is thy deed, e'en this, Wonderful! Singer! that, slaying Ahi, here thy strength thou showedst,

     Didst check and stay e'en Susna's wiles and magic, and, drawing nigh, didst chase away the Dasytis.

8. Thou, Indra, on the farther bank for Yadu and Turvaga didst stay the gushing waters.

     Ye both assailed the fierce: thou barest Kutsa: when Gods and Usana came to you together.

9. Let the steeds bring you both, Indra and Kutsa, borne on the chariot within hearing-distance.

     Ye blew him from the waters, from his dwelling, and chased the darkness from the noble's spirit.

10. Even this sage hath come looking for succour even to Vata's docile harnessed horses.

     Here are the Maruts, all, thy dear companions: prayers have increased thy power and might, O Indra.

11. When night was near its close he carried forward e'en the Sun's chariot backward in its running.

     Etaga brought his wheel and firmly stays it: setting it eastward he shall give us courage.

12. This Indra, O ye men, hath come to see you, seeking a friend who hath expressed the Soma.

     The creaking stone is laid upon the altar, and the Adhvaryus come to turn it quickly.

13. Let mortals who were happy still be happy; let them not come to sorrow, O Immortal.

     Love thou the pious, and to these thy people-with whom may we be numbered-give thou vigour.

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:Ashwini-Raddekar

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