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Rig-Veda-Mandala-5-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 16:37:30 by:Ashwini-Raddekar

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Hymn : 32

Mantra :

अदर्दर उत्सम अस्र्जो वि खानि तवम अर्णवान बद्बधानां अरम्णाः |

महान्तम इन्द्र पर्वतं वि यद वः सर्जो वि धारा अव दानवं हन ||

तवम उत्सां रतुभिर बद्बधानां अरंह ऊधः पर्वतस्य वज्रिन |

अहिं चिद उग्र परयुतं शयानं जघन्वां इन्द्र तविषीम अधत्थाः ||

तयस्य चिन महतो निर मर्गस्य वधर जघान तविषीभिर इन्द्रः |

य एक इद अप्रतिर मन्यमान आद अस्माद अन्यो अजनिष्ट तव्यान ||

तयं चिद एषां सवधया मदन्तम मिहो नपातं सुव्र्धं तमोगाम |

वर्षप्रभर्मा दानवस्य भामं वज्रेण वज्री नि जघान शुष्णम ||

तयं चिद अस्य करतुभिर निषत्तम अमर्मणो विदद इद अस्य मर्म |

यद ईं सुक्षत्र परभ्र्ता मदस्य युयुत्सन्तं तमसि हर्म्ये धाः ||

तयं चिद इत्था कत्पयं शयानम असूर्ये तमसि वाव्र्धानम |

तं चिन मन्दानो वर्षभः सुतस्योच्चैर इन्द्रो अपगूर्या जघान ||

उद यद इन्द्रो महते दानवाय वधर यमिष्ट सहो अप्रतीतम |

यद ईं वज्रस्य परभ्र्तौ ददाभ विश्वस्य जन्तोर अधमं चकार ||

तयं चिद अर्णम मधुपं शयानम असिन्वं वव्रम मह्य आदद उग्रः |

अपादम अत्रम महता वधेन नि दुर्योण आव्र्णङ मर्ध्रवाचम ||

को अस्य शुष्मं तविषीं वरात एको धना भरते अप्रतीतः |

इमे चिद अस्य जरयसो नु देवी इन्द्रस्यौजसो भियसा जिहाते ||

नय अस्मै देवी सवधितिर जिहीत इन्द्राय गातुर उशतीव येमे |

सं यद ओजो युवते विश्वम आभिर अनु सवधाव्ने कषितयो नमन्त ||

एकं नु तवा सत्पतिम पाञ्चजन्यं जातं शर्णोमि यशसं जनेषु |

तम मे जग्र्भ्र आशसो नविष्ठं दोषा वस्तोर हवमानास इन्द्रम ||

एवा हि तवाम रतुथा यातयन्तम मघा विप्रेभ्यो ददतं शर्णोमि |

किं ते बरह्माणो गर्हते सखायो ये तवाया निदधुः कामम इन्द्र ||

Meaning :

1.THE well thou clavest, settest free the fountains, and gavest rest to floods that were obstructed.

     Thou, Indra, laying the great mountain open, slaying the Danava, didst loose the torrents.

2. The fountain-depths obstructed in their seasons, thou, Thunderer! madest flow, the mountain's udder.

     Strong Indra, thou by slaying e'en the Dragon that lay extended there hast shown thy vigour.

3. Indra with violence smote down the weapon, yea, even of that wild and mighty creature.

     Although he deemed himself alone unequalled, another had been born e'en yet more potent.

4. Him, whom the heavenly food of these delighted, child of the mist, strong waxing, couched in darkness,

     Him the bolt-hurling Thunderer with his lightning smote down and slew, the Danava's wrath-fire, Susna.

5. Though he might ne'er be wounded still his vitals felt that, the God's bolt, which his powers supported,

     When, after offered draughts, Strong Lord, thou laidest him, fain to battle, in the pit in darkness.

6. Him as he lay there huge in length extended, still waxing in the gloom which no sun lightened,

     Him, after loud-voiced threats, the Hero Indra, rejoicing in the poured libation, slaughtered.

7. When 'gainst the mighty Danava his weapon Indra uplifted, power which none could combat,

     When at the hurling of his bolt he smote him, he made him lower than all living creatures.

8. The fierce God seized that huge and restless coiler, insatiate, drinker of the sweets, recumbent,

     And with his mighty weapon in his dwelling smote down the footless evil-speaking ogre.

9. Who may arrest his strength or cheek his vigour? Alone, resistless, he bears off all riches.

     Even these Twain, these Goddesses, through terror of Indra's might, retire from his dominion.

10. E'en the Celestial Axe bows down before him, and the Earth, lover-like, gives way to Indra.

     As he imparts all vigour to these people, straightway the folk bend them to him the Godlike.

11. I hear that thou wast born sole Lord of heroes of the Five Races, famed among the people.

     As such my wishes have most lately grasped him, invoking Indra both at eve and morning.

12. So, too, I hear of thee as in due season urging to action and enriching singers.

     What have thy friends received from thee, the Brahmans who, faithful, rest their hopes on thee, O Indra?

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:Ashwini-Raddekar

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