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Rig-Veda-Mandala-5-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 16:37:24 by:Ashwini-Raddekar

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Hymn : 33

Mantra :

महि महे तवसे दीध्ये नॄन इन्द्रायेत्था तवसे अतव्यान |

यो अस्मै सुमतिं वाजसातौ सतुतो जने समर्यश चिकेत ||

स तवं न इन्द्र धियसानो अर्कैर हरीणां वर्षन योक्त्रम अश्रेः |

या इत्था मघवन्न अनु जोषं वक्षो अभि परार्यः सक्षि जनान ||

न ते त इन्द्राभ्य अस्मद रष्वायुक्तासो अब्रह्मता यद असन |

तिष्ठा रथम अधि तं वज्रहस्ता रश्मिं देव यमसे सवश्वः ||

पुरू यत त इन्द्र सन्त्य उक्था गवे चकर्थोर्वरासु युध्यन |

ततक्षे सूर्याय चिद ओकसि सवे वर्षा समत्सु दासस्य नाम चित ||

वयं ते त इन्द्र ये च नरः शर्धो जज्ञाना याताश च रथाः |

आस्माञ जगम्याद अहिशुष्म सत्वा भगो न हव्यः परभ्र्थेषु चारुः ||

पप्र्क्षेण्यम इन्द्र तवे हय ओजो नर्म्णानि च नर्तमानो अमर्तः |

स न एनीं वसवानो रयिं दाः परार्य सतुषे तुविमघस्य दानम ||

एवा न इन्द्रोतिभिर अव पाहि गर्णतः शूर कारून |

उत तवचं ददतो वाजसातौ पिप्रीहि मध्वः सुषुतस्य चारोः ||

उत तये मा पौरुकुत्स्यस्य सूरेस तरसदस्योर हिरणिनो रराणाः |

वहन्तु मा दश शयेतासो अस्य गैरिक्षितस्य करतुभिर नु सश्चे ||

उत तये मा मारुताश्वस्य शोणाः करत्वामघासो विदथस्य रातौ |

सहस्रा मे चयवतानो ददान आनूकम अर्यो वपुषे नार्चत ||

उत तये मा धवन्यस्य जुष्टा लक्ष्मण्यस्य सुरुचो यतानाः |

मह्ना रायः संवरणस्य रषेर वरजं न गावः परयता अपि गमन ||

Meaning :

1. GREAT praise to Indra, great and strong mid heroes, I ponder thus, the feeble to the Mighty,

     Who with his band shows favour to this people, when lauded, in the fight where spoil is gathered.

2. So made attentive by our hymns, Steer! Indra! thou fastenedst the girth of thy Bay Coursers,

     Which, Maghavan, at thy will thou drivest hither. With these subdue for us the men who hate us.

3. They were not turned to us-ward, lofty Indra! while yet through lack of prayer they stood unharnessed.

     Ascend this chariot, thou whose hand wields thunder, and draw the rein, O Lord of noble horses.

4. Thou, because many lauds are thine, O Indra, wast active warring in the fields for cattle.

     For Surya in his own abode thou, Hero, formedst in fights even a Dasa's nature.

5. Thine are we, Indra; thine are all these people, conscious of might, whose cars are set in motion.

     Some hero come to us, O Strong as Ahi beauteous in war, to be invoked like Bhaga.

6. Strength much to be desired is in thee, Indra: the Immortal dances forth his hero exploits.

     Such, Lord of Treasure, give us splendid riches. I praise the Friend's gift, his whose wealth is mighty.

7. Thus favour us, O Indra, with thy succour; Hero, protect the bards who sing thy praises.

     Be friendly in the fray to those who offer the skin of beautiful and well-pressed Soma.

8. And these ten steeds which Trasadasyu gives me, the gold rich chief, the son of Purukutsa,

     Resplendent in their brightness shall convey me. Gairiksita willed it and so came I hither.

9. And these, bestowed as sacrificial guerdon, the powerful tawny steeds of Marutasva;

     And thousands which kind Cyavatana gave me, abundantly bestowed for my adornment.

10. And these commended horses, bright and active, by Dhvanya son of Laksmana presented,

     Came unto me, as cows into the Rsi Samvarana's stall, with magnitude of riches.

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:Ashwini-Raddekar

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