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Rig-Veda-Mandala-5-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 16:37:15 by:Ashwini-Raddekar

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Hymn : 34

Mantra :

अजातशत्रुम अजरा सवर्वत्य अनु सवधामिता दस्मम ईयते |

सुनोतन पचत बरह्मवाहसे पुरुष्टुताय परतरं दधातन ||

आ यः सोमेन जठरम अपिप्रतामन्दत मघवा मध्वो अन्धसः |

यद ईम मर्गाय हन्तवे महावधः सहस्रभ्र्ष्टिम उशना वधं यमत ||

यो अस्मै घरंस उत वा य ऊधनि सोमं सुनोति भवति दयुमां अह |

अपाप शक्रस ततनुष्टिम ऊहति तनूशुभ्रम मघवा यः कवासखः ||

यस्यावधीत पितरं यस्य मातरं यस्य शक्रो भरातरं नात ईषते |

वेतीद व अस्य परयता यतंकरो न किल्बिषाद ईषते वस्व आकरः ||

न पञ्चभिर दशभिर वष्ट्य आरभं नासुन्वता सचते पुष्यता चन |

जिनाति वेद अमुया हन्ति वा धुनिर आ देवयुम भजति गोमति वरजे ||

वित्वक्षणः सम्र्तौ चक्रमासजो ऽसुन्वतो विषुणः सुन्वतो वर्धः |

इन्द्रो विश्वस्य दमिता विभीषणो यथावशं नयति दासम आर्यः ||

सम ईम पणेर अजति भोजनम मुषे वि दाशुषे भजति सूनरं वसु |

दुर्गे चन धरियते विश्व आ पुरु जनो यो अस्य तविषीम अचुक्रुधत ||

सं यज जनौ सुधनौ विश्वशर्धसाव अवेद इन्द्रो मघवा गोषु शुभ्रिषु |

युजं हय अन्यम अक्र्त परवेपन्य उद ईं गव्यं सर्जते सत्वभिर धुनिः ||

सहस्रसाम आग्निवेशिं गर्णीषे शत्रिम अग्न उपमां केतुम अर्यः |

तस्मा आपः संयतः पीपयन्त तस्मिन कषत्रम अमवत तवेषम अस्तु ||

Meaning :

1. BOUNDLESS and wasting not, the heavenly food of Gods goes to the foeless One, doer of wondrous deeds.

     Press out, make ready, offer gifts with special zeal to him whom many laud, accepter of the prayer.

2. He who filled full his belly with the Soma's juice, Maghavan, was delighted with the meath's sweet draught,

     When Usana, that he might slay the monstrous beast, gave him the mighty weapon with a thousand points.

3. Illustrious is the man whoever presseth out Soma for him in sunshine or in cloud and rain.

     The mighty Maghavan who is the sage's Friend advanceth more and more his beauteous progeny.

4. The Strong God doth not flee away from him whose sire, whose mother or whose brother he hath done to death.

     He, the Avenger, seeketh this man's offered gifts: this God, the source of riches, doth not flee from sin.

5. He seeks no enterprise with five or ten to aid, nor stays with him who pours no juice though prospering well.

     The Shaker conquers or slays in this way or that, and to the pious gives a stable full of kine.

6. Exceeding strong in war he stays the chariot wheel, and, hating him who pours not, prospers him who pours.

     Indra the terrible, tamer of every man, as Arya leads away the Dasa at his will.

7. He gathers up for plunder all the niggards gear: excellent wealth he gives to him who offers gifts.

     Not even in wide stronghold may all the folk stand firm who have provoked to anger his surpassing might.

8. When Indra Maghavan hath marked two wealthy men fighting for beauteous cows with all their followers,

     He who stirs all things takes one as his close ally, and, Shaker, with his Heroes, sends the kine to him.

9. Agni! I laud the liberal Agnivesi, Satri the type and standard of the pious.

     May the collected waters yield him plenty, and his be powerful and bright dominion.

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:Ashwini-Raddekar

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