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Rig-Veda-Mandala-5-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 16:27:23 by:Ashwini-Raddekar

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Hymn : 29

Mantra :

तर्य अर्यमा मनुषो देवताता तरी रोचना दिव्या धारयन्त |

अर्चन्ति तवा मरुतः पूतदक्षास तवम एषाम रषिर इन्द्रासि धीरः ||

अनु यद ईम मरुतो मन्दसानम आर्चन्न इन्द्रम पपिवांसं सुतस्य |

आदत्त वज्रम अभि यद अहिं हन्न अपो यह्वीर अस्र्जत सर्तवा उ ||

उत बरह्माणो मरुतो मे अस्येन्द्रः सोमस्य सुषुतस्य पेयाः |

तद धि हव्यम मनुषे गा अविन्दद अहन्न अहिम पपिवां इन्द्रो अस्य ||

आद रोदसी वितरं वि षकभायत संविव्यानश चिद भियसे मर्गं कः |

जिगर्तिम इन्द्रो अपजर्गुराणः परति शवसन्तम अव दानवं हन ||

अध करत्वा मघवन तुभ्यं देवा अनु विश्वे अददुः सोमपेयम |

यत सूर्यस्य हरितः पतन्तीः पुरः सतीर उपरा एतशे कः ||

नव यद अस्य नवतिं च भोगान साकं वज्रेण मघवा विव्र्श्चत |

अर्चन्तीन्द्रम मरुतः सधस्थे तरैष्टुभेन वचसा बाधत दयाम ||

सखा सख्ये अपचत तूयम अग्निर अस्य करत्वा महिषा तरी शतानि |

तरी साकम इन्द्रो मनुषः सरांसि सुतम पिबद वर्त्रहत्याय सोमम ||

तरी यच छता महिषाणाम अघो मास तरी सरांसि मघवा सोम्यापाः |

कारं न विश्वे अह्वन्त देवा भरम इन्द्राय यद अहिं जघान ||

उशना यत सहस्यैर अयातं गर्हम इन्द्र जूजुवानेभिर अश्वैः |

वन्वानो अत्र सरथं ययाथ कुत्सेन देवैर अवनोर ह शुष्णम ||

परान्यच चक्रम अव्र्हः सूर्यस्य कुत्सायान्यद वरिवो यातवे ऽकः |

अनासो दस्यूंर अम्र्णो वधेन नि दुर्योण आव्र्णङ मर्ध्रवाचः ||

सतोमासस तवा गौरिवीतेर अवर्धन्न अरन्धयो वैदथिनाय पिप्रुम |

आ तवाम रजिश्वा सख्याय चक्रे पचन पक्तीर अपिबः सोमम अस्य ||

नवग्वासः सुतसोमास इन्द्रं दशग्वासो अभ्य अर्चन्त्य अर्कैः |

गव्यं चिद ऊर्वम अपिधानवन्तं तं चिन नरः शशमाना अप वरन ||

कथो नु ते परि चराणि विद्वान वीर्य्र मघवन या चकर्थ |

या चो नु नव्या कर्णवः शविष्ठ परेद उ ता ते विदथेषु बरवाम ||

एता विश्वा चक्र्वां इन्द्र भूर्य अपरीतो जनुषा वीर्येण |

या चिन नु वज्रिन कर्णवो दध्र्ष्वान न ते वर्ता तविष्या अस्ति तस्याः ||

इन्द्र बरह्म करियमाणा जुषस्व या ते शविष्ठ नव्या अकर्म |

वस्त्रेव भद्रा सुक्र्ता वसूयू रथं न धीरः सवपा अतक्षम ||

Meaning :

1. MAN'S worship of the Gods hath three great lustres, and three celestial lights have they established

     The Maruts gifted with pure strength adore thee, for thou, O Indra, art their sapient Rsi.

2. What time the Maruts sang their song to Indra, joyous when he had drunk of Soma juices,

     He grasped his thunderbolt to slay the Dragon, and loosed, that they might flow, the youthful Waters.

3. And, O ye Brahmans, Maruts, so may Indra drink draughts of this my carefully pressed Sorna;

     For this oblation found for man the cattle, and Indra, having quaffed it, slew the Dragon.

4. Then heaven and earth he sundered and supported: wrapped even in these he struck the Beast with terror.

     So Indra forced the Engulfer to disgorgement, and slew the Danava. panting against him.

5. Thus all the Gods, O Maghavan, delivered to thee of their free will the draught of Soma;

     When thou for Etasa didst cause to tarry the flying mares of Surya racing forward.

6. When Maghavan with the thunderbolt demolished his nine-and-ninety castles all together,

     The Maruts, where they met, glorified Indra: ye with the Trstup hymn obstructed heaven.

7. As friend to aid a friend, Agni dressed quickly three hundred buffaloes, even as he willed it.

     And Indra, from man's gift, for Vrtra's slaughter, drank of at once three lakes of pressed-out Soma.

8. When thou three hundred buffaloes' flesh hadst eaten, and drunk, as Maghavan, three lakes of Soma,

     All the Gods raised as 'twere a shout of triumph to Indra praise because he slew the Dragon.

9. What time ye came with strong steeds swiftly speeding, O Usana and Indra, to the dwelling,

     Thou camest thither -conquering together with Kutsa and the Gods: thou slewest Susna.

10. One car-wheel of the Sun thou rolledst forward, and one thou settest free to move for Kutsa.

     Thou slewest noseless Dasyus with thy weapon, and in their home o'erthrewest hostile speakers.

11. The lauds of Gauriviti made thee mighty to Vidathin's son, as prey, thou gavest Pipru.

     Rjisivan drew thee into friendship dressing the sacred food, and thou hast drunk his Soma.

12. Navagvas and Dasgvas with libations of Soma juice sing hymns of praise to Indra.

     Labouring at their task the men laid open the stall of Kine though firmly closed and fastened.

13. How shall I serve thee, Maghavan, though knowing full well what hero deeds thou hast accomplished?

     And the fresh deeds which thou wilt do, Most Mighty! these, too, will we tell forth in sacred synods.

14. Resistless from of old through hero courage, thou hast done all these many acts, O Indra.

     What thou wilt do in bravery, Thunder-wielder! none is there who may hinder this thy prowess.

15. Indra, accept the prayers which now are offered, accept the new prayers, Mightiest! which we utter.

     Like fair and well-made robes, I, seeking riches, as a deft craftsman makes a car, have wrought them.

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:Ashwini-Raddekar

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