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Rig-Veda-Mandala-1-->View question

Asked On2022-08-04 11:01:10 by:suraj6200

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स प्र॒त्नथा॒ सह॑सा॒ जाय॑मानः स॒द्यः काव्या॑नि॒ बळ॑धत्त॒ विश्वा॑ ।
आप॑श्च मि॒त्रं धि॒षणा॑ च साधन्दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०१
स पूर्व॑या नि॒विदा॑ क॒व्यता॒योरि॒माः प्र॒जा अ॑जनय॒न्मनू॑नाम् ।
वि॒वस्व॑ता॒ चक्ष॑सा॒ द्याम॒पश्च॑ दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०२
तमी॑ळत प्रथ॒मं य॑ज्ञ॒साधं॒ विश॒ आरी॒राहु॑तमृञ्जसा॒नम् ।
ऊ॒र्जः पु॒त्रं भ॑र॒तं सृ॒प्रदा॑नुं दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०३
स मा॑त॒रिश्वा॑ पुरु॒वार॑पुष्टिर्वि॒दद्गा॒तुं तन॑याय स्व॒र्वित् ।
वि॒शां गो॒पा ज॑नि॒ता रोद॑स्योर्दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०४
नक्तो॒षासा॒ वर्ण॑मा॒मेम्या॑ने धा॒पये॑ते॒ शिशु॒मेकं॑ समी॒ची ।
द्यावा॒क्षामा॑ रु॒क्मो अ॒न्तर्वि भा॑ति दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०५
रा॒यो बु॒ध्नः सं॒गम॑नो॒ वसू॑नां य॒ज्ञस्य॑ के॒तुर्म॑न्म॒साध॑नो॒ वेः ।
अ॒मृ॒त॒त्वं रक्ष॑माणास एनं दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०६
नू च॑ पु॒रा च॒ सद॑नं रयी॒णां जा॒तस्य॑ च॒ जाय॑मानस्य च॒ क्षाम् ।
स॒तश्च॑ गो॒पां भव॑तश्च॒ भूरे॑र्दे॒वा अ॒ग्निं धा॑रयन्द्रविणो॒दाम् ॥ १.०९६.०७
द्र॒वि॒णो॒दा द्रवि॑णसस्तु॒रस्य॑ द्रविणो॒दाः सन॑रस्य॒ प्र यं॑सत् ।
द्र॒वि॒णो॒दा वी॒रव॑ती॒मिषं॑ नो द्रविणो॒दा रा॑सते दी॒र्घमायुः॑ ॥ १.०९६.०८
ए॒वा नो॑ अग्ने स॒मिधा॑ वृधा॒नो रे॒वत्पा॑वक॒ श्रव॑से॒ वि भा॑हि ।
तन्नो॑ मि॒त्रो वरु॑णो मामहन्ता॒मदि॑तिः॒ सिन्धुः॑ पृथि॒वी उ॒त द्यौः ॥ १.०९६.०९
1. To fair goals travel Two unlike in semblance: each in succession nourishes an infant.
     One bears a Godlike Babe of golden colour; bright and fair-shining, is he with the other.
2. Tvastar's ten daughters, vigilant and youthful, produced this Infant borne to sundry quarters.
     They bear around him whose long flames are pointed, fulgent among mankind with native splendour.
3. Three several places of his birth they honour, in mid-air, in the heaven, and in the waters.
     Governing in the east of earthly regions, the seasons hath he stablished in their order.
4. Who of you knows this secret One? The Infant by his own nature hath brought forth his Mothers.
     The germ of many, from the waters' bosom he goes forth, wise and great, of Godlike nature.
5. Visible, fair, he grows in native brightness uplifted in the lap of waving waters.
     When he was born both Tvastar's worlds were frightened: they turn to him and reverence the Lion.
6. The Two auspicious Ones, like women, tend him: like lowing cows they seek him in their manner.
     He is the Lord of Might among the mighty; him, on the right, they balm with their oblations.
7. Like Savitar his arms with might he stretches; awful, he strives grasping the world's two borders.
     He forces out from all a brilliant vesture, yea, from his Mothers draws he forth new raiment.
8. He makes him a most noble form of splendour, decking him in his home with milk and waters.
     The Sage adorns the depths of air with wisdom: this is the meeting where the Gods are worshipped.
9. Wide through the firmament spreads forth triumphant the far-resplendent strength of thee the Mighty.
     Kindled by us do thou preserve us, Agni, with all thy self-bright undiminished succours.
10. In dry spots he makes stream, and course, and torrent, and inundates the earth with floods that glisten.
     All ancient things within his maw he gathers, and moves among the new fresh-sprouting grasses.
11. Fed with our fuel, purifying Agni, so blaze to us auspiciously for glory.
     This prayer of ours may Varuna grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.

Answerd on:2022-08-04 Answerd By:suraj6200

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