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Asked On2022-07-25 13:18:21 by:divyakant

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Hymn 25

भद्रं नो अपि वातय मनो दक्षमुत करतुम |
अधा तेसख्ये अन्धसो वि वो मदे रणन गवो यवसे विवक्षसे ||
हर्दिस्प्र्शस्त असते विश्वेषु सोम मसु |
अधा कामा इमेमम वि वो मदे वि तिष्ठन्ते वसूयवो विवक्षसे ||
उत वरतनि सोम ते परहं मिनामि पाक्या |
अधा पितेवसूनवे वि वो मदे मर्ळ नो अभि चिद वधाद विवक्षसे ||
समु पर यन्ति धीतयः सर्गासो.अवतानिव |
करतुं नःसोम जिवसे वि वो मदे धरया चमसानिव विवक्षसे ||
तव तये सोम शक्तिभिर्निकामासो वय रण्विरे |
गर्त्सस्यधिरस्तवसो वि वो मदे वरजं गोमन्तमश्विनं विवक्षसे ||
पशुं नः सोम रक्षसि पुरुत्र विष्ठितं जगत |
समाक्र्णोषि जीवसे वि वो मदे विश्वा सम्पश्यन भुवनविवक्षसे ||
तवं नः सोम विश्वतो गोप अदभ्यो भव |
सेध राजन्नपस्रिधो वि वो मदे नो दुः शंस ईशता विवक्षसे ||
तवं नः सोम सुक्रतुर्व योधेयाय जाग्र्हि |
कषेत्रवित्तरोमनुषो वि वो मदे दरुहो नः पाह्यंहसो विवक्षसे ||
तवं नो वर्त्र हन्तमेन्द्रस्येन्दो शिवः सखा |
यत सिंहवन्ते समिथे वि वो मदे युध्यमनस्तोकसातौविवक्षसे ||
अयं तुरो मद इन्द्रस्य वर्धत परियः |
अयंकक्षीवतो महो वि वो मदे मतिं विप्रस्य वर्धयद्विवक्षसे ||
अयं विप्रय दशुषे वजनियर्ति गोमतः |
अयंसप्तभ्य वरं वि वो मदे परन्धं शरोणं चतरिषद विवक्षसे ||

1. SEND us a good and happy mind, send energy and mental power.

     Then-at your glad carouse-let men joy in thy love, Sweet juice! as kine in pasture. Thou art waxing great.

2. rn all thy forms, O Soma, rest thy powers that influence the heart.

     So also these my longings-at your glad carouse-spread themselves seeking riches. Thou art waxing great.

3. Even if, O Soma, I neglect thy laws through my simplicity,

     Be gracious-at your glad carouse-as sire to son. Preserve us even from slaughter. Thou art waxing great.

4. Our songs in concert go to thee as streams of water to the wells.

     Soma, that we may live, grant-at your glad carouse-full powers of mind, like beakers. Thou art waxing great.

5. O Soma, through thy might who art skillful and strong, these longing men,

     These sages, have thrown open-at your glad carouse-the stall of kine and horses. Thou art waxing great

6. Our herds thou guardest, Soma, and the moving world spread far and wide.

     Thou fittest them for living,-at your glad carouse-looking upon all beings. Thou art waxing great.

7. On all sides, Soma, be to us a Guardian ne'er to be deceived.

     King, drive away our foemen-at your glad carouse:-let not the wicked rule us. Thou art waxing great.

8. Be watchful, Soma, passing wise, to give us store of vital strength.

     More skilled than man to guide us,-at your glad carouse-save us from harm and sorrow. Thou art waxing great.

9. Chief slayer of our foemen, thou, Indu, art Indra's gracious Friend,

     When warriors invoke him-at your glad carouse -in fight, to win them offspring. Thou art waxing great.

10. Victorious is this gladdening drink: to Indra dear it grows in strength.

     This-at your glad carouse -enhanced the mighty hymn of the great sage Kaksivan. Thou art waxing great.

11. This to the sage who offers gifts brings power that comes from wealth in kine.

     This, better than the seven, hath-at your glad carouse-furthered the blind, the cripple. Thou art waxing great.

Answerd on:2022-07-25 Answerd By:divyakant

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