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Asked On2022-07-22 11:52:13 by:Glory

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Hymn 5:


    म॒हे च॒न त्वाम॑द्रिवः॒ परा॑ शु॒ल्काय॑ देयाम् ।

न स॒हस्रा॑य॒ नायुता॑य वज्रिवो॒ न श॒ताय॑ शतामघ ॥


1. WHEN, even as she were present here, red Dawn hath shone from far away,

     She spreadeth light on every side.

2. Like Heroes on your will-yoked car far shining, Wonder-Workers! ye

     Attend, O Asvins, on the Dawn.

3. By you, O Lords of ample wealth our songs of praise have been observed:

     As envoy have I brought the prayer.

4. Kanvas must praise the Asvins dear to many, making many glad,

     Most rich, that they may succour us.

5. Most liberal, best at winning strength, inciters, Lords of splendour who

     Visit the worshipper's abode.

6. So for devout Sudeva dew with fatness his unfailing mead,

     And make it rich for sacrifice.

7. Hitherward running speedily with horses, as with rapid hawks,

     Come, Asvins, to our song of praise

8. Wherewith the three wide distances, and all the lights that are in heaven.

     Ye traverse, and three times of night.

9. O Finders of the Day, that we may win us food of kine and wealth,

     Open the paths for us to tread.

10. O Asvins, bring us wealth in kine, in noble heroes, and in cars:

     Bring us the strength that horses give.

11. Ye Lords of splendour, glorified, ye Wonder-Workers borne on paths

     Of gold, drink sweets with Soma juice.

12. To us, ye Lords of ample wealth, and to our wealth chiefs extend

     Wide shelter, ne'er to be assailed.

13. Come quickly downward to the prayer of people whom ye favour most:

     Approach not unto other folk.

14. Ye Asvins whom our minds perceive, drink of this lovely gladdening draught,

     The meath which we present to you.

15. Bring riches hither unto us in hundreds and in thousands, source

     Of plenteous food, sustaining all.

16. Verily sages call on you, ye Heroes, in full many a place.

     Moved by the priests, O Asvins, conic.

17. Men who have trimmed the sacred grass, bringing oblations and prepared,

     O Asvins, are invoking you.

18. May this our hymn of praise to-day, most powerful to bring you, be,

     O Asvins, nearest to your hearts.

19. The skin filled full of savoury meath, laid in the pathway of your car-

     O Asvins, drink ye both therefrom.

20. For this, ye Lords of ample wealth, bring blessing for our herd, our kine,

     Our progeny, and plenteous food.

21. Ye too unclose to us like doors the strengthening waters of the sky,

     And rivers, ye who find the day.

22. When did the son of' Tugra serve you, Men? Abandoned in the sea,

     That with winged steeds your car might fly.

23. Ye, O Nasatyas, ministered to Kanva with repeated aid,

     When cast into the heated pit.

24. Come near with those most recent aids of yours which merit eulogy,

     When I invoke you, Wealthy Gods.

25. As ye protected Kanva erst, Priyamedha and Upastuta,

     Atri, Sinjara, Asvins Twain

26. And Amsu in decisive fight, Agastya in the fray for kine.

     And, in his battles, Sobhari.

27. For so much bliss, or even more, O Asvins, Wealthy Gods, than this,

     We pray white singing hymns to you.

28. Ascend your car with golden seat, O Asvins, and with reins of gold,

     That reaches even to the sky.

29. Golden is its supporting shaft, the axle also is of gold,

     And both the wheels are made of gold.

30. Thereon, ye Lords of ample wealth, come to us even from afar,

     Come ye to this mine eulogy.

31. From far away ye come to us, Asvins, enjoying plenteous food

     Of Dasas, O Immortal Ones.

32. With splendour, riches, and renown, O Asvins, hither come to us,

     Nasatyas, shining brilliantly.

33. May dappled horses, steeds who fly with pinions, bring you hitherward

     To people skilled in sacrifice.

34. The whcel delayeth not that car of yours accompanied by song,

     That cometh with a store of food.

35. Borne on that chariot wrought of gold, with coursers very fleet of foot,

     Come, O Nasatyas, swift as thought.

36. O Wealthy Gods, ye taste and find the brisk and watchful wild beast good.

     Associate wealth with food for us.

37. As such, O Asvins, find for me my share of new-presented gifts,

     As Kasu, Cedi's son, gave me a hundred head of buffaloes, and ten thousand kine.

38. He who hath given me for mine own ten Kings like gold to look upon.

     At Caidya's feet are all the people round about, all those who think upon the shield.

39. No man, not any, goes upon the path on which the Cedis walk.

     No other prince, no folk is held more liberal of gifts than they.

Answerd on:2022-07-22 Answerd By:Glory

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