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Asked On2022-04-05 15:44:07 by:ritik28

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Answer: Pros of Angular Development: 
1. Maintained by Google
One of the major reasons for angular being one of the most used js frameworks for web development is because it is being backed and maintained by Google and a huge community of developers worldwide.

2. Job demand
One of the primary reasons to learn a specific framework is not just its complex architecture, features, or support but its market value for a developer.Due to the widespread popularity and demand for the angular framework, it is a really good tool to have as a checklist item in your cv. Looking at the demand via actual statistics gathered from various hiring sites and StackOverflow clearly shows angular as one of the topmost preferred frameworks by developers and companies.

3. Two-way Data Binding
This is the one feature in angular that stands out and is the use of the entire framework.Two-way binding ensures any changes in the dom ( view) get reflected in the application and vice versa.The underlying complexity is handled by the NGModule directive in angular and using these users can achieve this reflection of data and view in their applications.It comes from a data binding technique to link your data to your view.Any changes in your data are detected by the angular framework and updated in the view.With older vanilla systems like jquery or javascript, it was always the developer's responsibility to update the view.Angular hence provides this plumbing without the users having to end up writing a whole bunch of boilerplate code.

4. Faster Document Object Model [ HTML ] Manipulation
Because of the capability of two-way data binding inherent in the angular framework dom manipulation is the easiest in this framework. This is inherently not possible in a lot of js and jquery style frameworks and requires a lot of manual effort by the developer to implement all this.It ends up saving developers time, effort, easing code complexity, and standardizes the approach to manipulate views.

5. Faster Server Performance
Angular as a framework comes loaded with a ton of CPU performance-enhancing features and since everything is written in a type-safe manner via typescript the inherent framework is much faster than other native js ones.It also supports caching out of the box and has various toolkits available to improve server-side performance. Some benchmarking results:

6. Ease of prototyping and iterative development support
Angular provides one of the fastest startup times to write a minimum viable app. It almost takes no time to spin up a full-fledged angular application and with a daemon server running in the background you can do iterative development. 
Since users can quickly make apps, test them, see the changes in real-time getting reflected in the browser. Most systems built by google feature a really well thought out CI/CD flow [ continuous-integration & continuous-development ]. Angular is a prime example of that.It provides all these features using ahead of time compilation concept -:
Faster rendering
Fewer asynchronous requests
Small angular code size
Detects angular template errors early
Effective security against injection or cross-site scripting

7. Super ease of testing frontend angular applications
Since the angular architecture is built around the dependency injection style of architecture it really helps in doing test-driven development which is all the buzzword these days.It allows components to be mocked and isolated, leading to better writing of unit test cases and integration test cases for an application.Also since it natively supports typescript you can catch more compile-time errors in your code due to incorrect variables etc. Also offers tools like a protractor, jasmine, karma as testing tools to make your application robust and production-ready

8. MVVM Architecture
Model View Controller and Model View ViewModel architecture lay the foundation for a super responsive and fast application.
Since these are design patterns that stand the test of time and are generally the responsibility of the developer to implement or set up his codebase in this manner, which in cases of large codebases sometimes gets sloppy.But in angular, all of that is so tightly bound to the architecture that it is very hard to deviate from the best practices.

9. Uses Plain HTML templates
Since angular applications use plain Html templates and not a custom version of them it makes development a really easy task. The framework passes the HTML as DOM elements to the compiler allowing easy re-usability, manageability, and extension of templates.

10. Component-based architecture coupled with smoother navigation using directives.
As mentioned in the architecture above all of the business logic in an angular app is segregated into multiple components where every component is responsible for a specific isolated task and has independent behavior.There are three kinds of directives in Angular:
Components: Directives with an Html template.
Structural directives:  Manipulate the DOM layout by adding and removing DOM elements.
Attribute directives:  Manipulate the appearance or behavior of an element, component, or another directive.

Answerd on:2022-04-11 Answerd By:AanchalKumari

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