Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option NIFT UG

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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option. (NIFT-UG)

It is generally said that sport creates good-will among nations. Indeed, sport is an activity meant for the fun and
exercise. It should be played according to rules. It should be played in a friendly and fair atmosphere. It should
inculcate the sportsman spirit and mutual good-will. In the middle ages games were played with much physical
brutaily. But they were not mixed up with politics. Today, politics and games are badly mixed up. Each team is
identified with a country or a large power unit. Running, jumping and kicking a ball are taken as tests of
national virtue.
The game cricket which demands grace rather than strength is also causing much ill-will. The visit of
the Australian team in 1921 is a good example. The game, football in which everyone gets hurt is far worse. The
football matches played at Arsenal and Glasgow are good examples. Worst of all is boxing. The rise of
nationalistic feelings and strong passions of rivalry are both recent developments. As soon as strong feelings of
rivalry are aroused, the notion of playing the game according to the rules, vanishes. People want to see one side
on top and the other side humiliated.
The fact is-the spectators and the nations are working themselves into furies over these absurd contests.
So sport has become a war-fare and the sportsmen have turned to be warriors. The modern sport adds something
to the vast fund of ill-will existing in the world at this moment.
56. Who are modern sportsmen compared to in the passage?
(a) Cricketers (b) footballers (c) warriors (d) boxers
57. What do the spectators now like to witness in sports?
(a) Fight between Arsenal and Glasgow (b) ill-will
(c) politics (d) humiliating one side
58. What is the above passage talking about?
(a) sporting spirit (b) politics in sports
(c) sports to be played like a war (d) spectators role in sports
59. Which of the following is not influencing factor for change in sporting spirit?
(a) increasing rivalry among the nations (b) Use of politics in sports
(c) spectators willingness to see fair game (d) none of the above
60. How was a middle age game different from modern games?
(a) middle age game was played with lot of enthusiasm (b) there was physical brutality
(c) full of politics existed in middle age (d) spectators were working into furies

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