Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option NIFT UG

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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option. (NIFT-UG)

Fungi form an isolated group within the plant kingdom and indeed are regarded by many as forming a
separate kingdom of their own. They differ from all other plants by their lack of the green pigment chlorophyll,
in the construction of thread-like units known as hyphae and their method of reproduction.
Reproduction occurs by spores either of sexual of asexual origin. The spore germinates, sending out a
germ-tube that elongates to produce a thread-like, usually septate, filament that then branches out repeatedly. By
continued ramification these threads or hyphae (singular hyphae) form a cobweb or felt-like sheet known as a
mycelium. In most instances fusion between two hyphae, usually from different mycelia, must occur before a
fruit body can be produced. Even then this process will only take place given the correct climatic factors and a
sufficient food supply.
Fungi differ from the higher plant forms by the absence of the green pigment chlorophyll, which
enables plants to photosynthesize, By this process green plants to obtain their carbohydrates; the chlorophyll in
their leaves fixes atmosphere carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and water to manufacture sugar for
their nutrition. As fungi are unable to do this they have to obtain their carbohydrates from decomposed animal
or plant tissues. Hence they are found in habitats rich in rotting vegetation such as woodland, grassland,
compost heaps, sawdust piles, on dung or manure heaps and on burnt ground colonized by moss. Fungi
obtaining their food materials directly from living plants or animals are the woody bracket fungi and mildews
respectively; diseases of man such as athlete’s foot, ringworm and farmer’s lung are also caused by parasitic
51. What are Fungi?
(a) Fungi are plants (b) They are animals (c) They are cells (d) Fungi are dead matter
52. Point out the correct statement?
(a)All plants have chlorophyll (b) All plants other than Fungi have chlorophyll
(c) Only Fungi have chlorophyll (d) Fungi have no chlorophyll
53. How do Fungi reproduce?
(a) They reproduce through (b) They reproduce severally or asexually
(c) Spores are the means for their reproduction (d) They reproduce from seeds
54. Which is correct?
(a) Fungi form cobwebs (b) Fungi are like spiders in their capacity to produce
(c) Spores produce hyphae which sometimes look like cobwebs
(d) A mycelium is nothing but cobwebs
55. Fungi grow on rotten negation or animals because
(a) They cannot produce their own food
(b) Their habitat provide them with the food they need
(c) Their habitat contains the chlorophyll which they need to produce carbohydrates
(d) They are parasites

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