Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option NIFT UG

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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option. (NIFT-UG)

Soapy is a wanderer who spends his time on doing nothing. Madison Square Park is his permanent shelter. With
the advent of winter he finds it difficult to keep himself warm. So he wants to go to the island to save himself
from the severity of the season. He makes many attempts to get himself arrested. He plans to dine at a posh
restaurant and declares his insolvency. But he is not even allowed to set foot inside the restaurant. Then be
breaks the plate glass of a shop window with a stone. The policeman refuses to arrest him. He becomes
desperate but never gives up making attempts.
He enters a moderate restaurant and consumes many items. He, then, declares that he has no money.
Instead of calling the policemen, two waiters beat him hard. After that, he misbehaves with a woman but of no
use. He steals an umbrella, the umbrella-man disappears from the scene.
Soapy feels much disgusted. He stands beside an old Church. The calm and serene atmosphere and the
anthem played by an organist bring solace to his soul. There comes sudden change in him. He thinks of
reforming himself and finding some useful work the next day. The next minute he is arrested by the police who
sees him on doing nothing. He is given punishment for three months on the Island.
46. In the passage, the meaning of the word ‘Soapy’ means:
(a) slippery (b) full of soap (c) name of the person (d) none of these
47. Which of the following is not associated with the events in the passage?
(I) Soapy dines in a posh restaurant (II) Soapy steals the umbrella
(III) Soapy breaks the glass (IV) Soapy eats in a moderate restaurant
(a) All except III (b) All except IV (c) All except II (d) All except I
48. The change in Soapy is due to:
(a) beating he takes from the waiters (b) the events in the church
(c) the events in the posh hotel (d) none of these
49. The meaning of ‘island’ in the passage is:
(a) a cottage (b) a resort (c) a prison (d) a comparatively hotter place
50. How many attempts were made by Soapy to go to island?
(a) four (b) three (c) five (d) none of these

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