Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option NIFT UG

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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the correct option. (NIFT-UG)

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follows by choosing the
correct option.
Tolstoy’s ‘God Sees the Truth But Waits’ brings out the moral that it is God who alone sees the Truth. It also
tells us that ‘Forgiveness’ is the noblest virtue. Once, there lived a young merchant Aksenov in the town of
Vladimar, One summer, Aksenov decided to go to the Nizhny fair to sell his goods. Though his wife requested
him not to go he left for the fair. On his way, Aksenov met a merchant of Ryazan whom he knew well. They
stayed in adjoining apartments at the same hotel for the night. The next-day, Aksenov set out before dawn.
Soon he was stopped on the way and arrested by the Police Commisioner. His luggage was searched
and a blood-stained knife was found. Though Aksenov pleaded innocence he was improsoned on the charge of
murder. His wife, too, suspected him. Aksenov thought that God only knows the truth and to Him alone we must
pray for help.
Aksenov lived as a convict for twenty six years. His hair turned white and his beard grew longer. He
led a respectable life in the prison. His fellow-prisoners called him ‘Grandfather’ and ‘The Saint’. One day, a
fresh batch of convicts came to the prison. Among them, there was a strong man named Makir. Later, Aksenov
understood that this man had killed the merchant of Ryazan.
A fortnight passed. Makir had dug a tunnel to escape from the prison. Aksenov noticed it. Then, the
Governor came for interrogation. But Aksenov did not reveal the truth. That night, Makir came to Aksenov and
fell at the feet of Aksenov. He had repented of what he had done a long back. He confessed his crime of
murdering the merchant. He, even, confessed his crime to the authorities. Aksenov was found innocent. When
the orders for his release came the innocent old man was already dead. God sees the truth but has waited in
Aksenov’s case. Thus the title of the story ‘God Sees The Truth But Waits’ is justified.
41. How was the truth about the murder revealed?
(a) After the police commissioner searched the luggage
(b) After Makir confessed before the authorities
(c) Due to the death of Askenov (d) Due to prolonged investigation
42. Which one of the following is not conveyed in the passage?
(a) God sees the truth (b) Forgiveness is always noblest
(c) One has to wait for the truth (d) If you are in prison, then the truth can be revealed.
43. Why was Aksenov arrested?
(a) on charges of murder (b) for staying in the hotel
(c) for digging the tunnel (d) for stealing the merchant
44. How long did Aksenov stayed in the prison?
(a) he became the saint (b) till he became the grandfather
(c) for 26 years (d) for a fortnight only
45. In the first line of the passage, the message conveyed is:
(a) God always sees the truth late (b) God waits eagerly to see the truth
(c) God alone can see the truth (d) None of these

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