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Differentiate between Prime and Non-prime attributes? Database Management Systems - 10CS54 VTU notes (DEC/JAN 2013/June 2016)

Explain in brief?


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A non-prime attribute of R is an attribute that does not belong to any candidate key of R. A transitive dependency is a functional dependency in which X → Z (X determines Z) indirectly, by virtue of X → Y and Y → Z (where it is not the case that Y → X). A-X, the set difference between A and X is a prime attribute (i.e., A-X is contained within a candidate key 
c) Consider the Relation R and FD A->B,C->DF,AC->E,D->F?WHAT IS KEY AND Highest normal form? if it is not in 3nf find decomposition that is lossless and dependency preserving? 8 marks Ans: The key here is E because it has no incoming only outgoing edges. A->B,C->DF,AC->E,D->F 


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