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what is the need for normalization ? Database Management Systems - 10CS54 VTU notes ( Jan 2013/June 2016)

explain second normal form?


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Second Normal Form (2NF) 
Second normal form is based on the concept of fully functional dependency. A functional X Y is a fully functional dependency is removal of any attribute A from X means that the dependency does not hold any more.
 A relation schema is in 2NF if every nonprime attribute in relation is fully functionally dependent on the primary key of the relation. It also can be restated as: a relation schema is in 2NF if every nonprime attribute in relation is not partially dependent on any key of the relation. Practical Rule: "Eliminate Redundant Data," i.e., if an attribute depends on only part of a multivalued key, remove it to a separate table. 
Formal Definition: A relation is in second normal form (2NF) if and only if it is in 1NF and every nonkey attribute is fully dependent on the primary key. 


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