Consider the expression a 1 b c 3 d Let X be the minimum number of registers required by an optimal code generation without any register spill algorithm for a loadstore architecture in which gate computer science 2017

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Consider the expression (a-1) * ((( b + c ) / 3 )) + d)). Let X be the minimum number of registers required by an optimal code generation (without any register spill) algorithm for a load/store architecture, in which : -gate computer science 2017

(i) only load and store instructions can have memory operands and (ii) arithmetic instructions can have only register or immediate operands The value of X is ________.

A) 2
B) 1
C) 4
D) 3


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A) 2 

The assembly code using the load/store architecture can be written as follows:

Load R1, b

Load R2, c

ADD R1, R2

Div R1, 3

Load R2, d

Add R1, R2

Load R2, a

Sub R2, 1

Mul R2, R1

Hence minimum 2 registers required. 

This explanation is contributed by Deepak Raj


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