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Tulsi and her husband work on Karunya’s farm. The Government has said that farm workers should be paid at least Rs 71 for one day’s work. But he pays Rs. 55 to Tulsi and Rs. 58 to her husband. - class 5 math

If Tulsi works for 49 days, how much money does she get?
If her husband works for 42 days, how much money does he get?
Find the money they earn together.


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Tulsi one day’s wage = 55 = Rs. (55  * 49)
5 5
*  4 9
4 9 5
+2 2 0 0
2 6 9 5
Hence, Tulsi gets Rs. 2695 for her work.
Husband’s one-day wage = Rs. 58
Husband’s 42 day’s wage = Rs. (58*  42)
We have,
5 8
*  4 2
1 1 6
+2 3 2 0
2 4 3 6
Hence, Tulsi’s husband gets Rs. 2436 for his work.
Money they earned together = Rs. (2695 + 2436) = Rs. 5131


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