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The king was very happy with carpenters Chaggu and Anar. They had made a very big and beautiful bed for him. So as gifts the king wanted to give some land to Chaggu, and some gold to Anar. Chaggu was happy. He took 100 metres of wire and tried to make different rectangles. He made a 10m 40m rectangle. Its area was 400 square metres. So he next made a 30m 20 m rectangle. - class 5 math

(a) What is its area? Is it more than the first rectangle?
(b) What other rectangle can he make with 100 metres of wire? Discuss which of these rectangles will have the biggest area.


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(a) The area of this rectangle = 30 m  20 m = 600 square m.
Yes, its area is more than that of the first rectangle.
(b) Many other rectangle can be made with 100 metres of wire. For Example,
5m * 45m having area 225 square metres.
15m * 35m having area 525 square metres.
20 m * 30m having area 600 square metres.
25m * 25 m having area 625 square metres.
The rectangle having length = breadth i.e. a square will have the biggest area.


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