Why overriding methods are used in java Example

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Why overriding methods are used in java? Example

(8M) [July 2013, July 2015] 


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Overriding Methods

When a method is called on an object, Java looks for that method definition in the class of that object, and if it doesn't find one, it passes the method call up the class hierarchy until a method definition is found.

Method inheritance enables you to define and use methods repeatedly in subclasses without having to duplicate the code itself.

However, there may be times when you want an object to respond to the same methods but have different behavior when that method is called. In this case, you can override that method.Overriding a method involves defining a method in a subclass that has the same signature as a method in a superclass. Then, when that method is called, the method in the subclass is found and executed instead of the one in the superclass


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