What did the poet look up to see CBSE ENGLISH CLASS 6
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What did the poet look up to see? (CBSE ENGLISH CLASS 6)

Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow. 
I look up from Earth and try to see 
The planets looking back at me. 
I gaze at bright and distant stars 
And search for mercury,Venus,Mars. 
I squint at the Milky Way way up high 
And look for Jupiter in the sky. 
Where are Saturn,Uranus,Neptune? 
They’re far away, high like the moon. 
A telescope would be the best 
For spotting Pluto and the rest. 
But even with my naked eye 
I look for planets in the sky.


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The poet looked up to see the planets. He gazes at bright and distant stars and searches for the other planets with his naked eyes. He thinks a telescope would help him see the far away planets but even with his naked eyes he could look for planets in the sky.

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