Why reputations are important in Eduladder

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Why reputations are important in Eduladder

Why do I require reputations to get privileges, can I have them directly in Eduladder?So that I can begin with uploading of notes and question papers


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The reason behind the entire existence of eduladder is this education system is entirely rotten universities have become just factory which produces unemployable youth. May or may not be true for your case. :), And certification become a rejection criteria apart from becoming a selection criterion, So we thought about building a system which helps students to pass exams so that he or she can focus on something which is really valuable for there own existence also can earn once certificate saying he or she is eligible for dealing with the real world scenario. The easy way to pass every exam is to refer previous year question papers exactly a day before the exam will do this trick. This is true for all classes and other institutionalized learning pedagogy. solve question papers and other stuff on the large scale we need a community support. Every individual is different so there is a question of authenticity arises.

Now lets come back to your question "You need reputation to answer questions and create notes because it gives authenticity to your contribution so that student can really believe your answer or question" That's why we created reputations and privilege for every student to lead a successful and happy life without lot of hassle, 



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