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Asked On2017-05-15 16:17:36 by:Rajiv

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PHP has four scalar types—Boolean, integer, double, and string;

Integer Type

PHP has a single integer type, named integer. This type corresponds to the long type of C and its successors, which means its size is that of the word size of the machine on which the program is run. In most cases, this is 32 bits, or a bit less (not fewer) than 10 decimal digits.

Double Type

PHP’s double type corresponds to the double type of C and its successors. Double literals can include a decimal point, an exponent, or both. The exponent has the usual form of an E or an e, followed by a possibly signed integer literal. There need not be any digits before or after the decimal point, so both .345 and 345. are legal double literals.

String Type

Characters in PHP are single bytes; UNICODE is not supported. There is no character type. A single character data value is represented as a string of length 1.

String literals are defined with either single-quote (‘) or double-quote (“) delimiters. In single-quoted string literals, escape sequences, such as \n, are not recognized as anything special and the values of embedded variables are not substituted for their names. (Such substitution is called interpolation.) In double-quoted string literals, escape sequences are recognized and embedded variables are replaced by their current values. For example, the value of

‘The sum is:

$sum’ is exactly as it is typed. However, if the current value of $sum is 10.2, then the value of

“The sum is: $sum”


The sum is: 10.2

If a double-quoted string literal includes a variable name, but you do not want it interpolated, precede the first character of the name (the dollar sign) with a backslash (\). If the name of a variable that is not set to a value is embedded in a double-quoted string literal, the name is replaced by the empty string. Double-quoted strings can include embedded newline characters that are created with the Enter key. Such characters are exactly like those that result from typing \n in the string. The length of a string is limited only by the memory available on the computer

Boolean Type

The only two possible values for the Boolean type are TRUE and FALSE, both of which are case insensitive. Although Boolean is a data type in the same sense as integer, expressions of other types can be used in a Boolean context. If a non-Boolean expression appears in a Boolean context, the programmer obviously must know how it will be interpreted. If an integer expression is used in a Boolean context, it evaluates to FALSE if it is zero; otherwCSE, it is TRUE. If a string expression is used in a Boolean context, it evalutes to FALSE if it is either the empty string or the string “0”; otherwCSE, it is TRUE. This implies that the string “0.0” evaluates to TRUE. The only double value that is interpreted as FALSE is exactly 0.0. Because of rounding errors, as well as the fact that the string “0.0” evaluates to TRUE, it is not a good idea to use expressions of type double in a Boolean context. A value can be very close to zero, but because it is not exactly zero, it will evaluate to TRUE. 

Answerd on:2015-11-24 Answerd By:Rajiv

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  • Integer float string and boolean are scalar data types in php.
      • Integer implies numbers
      • float implies number with floating points
      • string indicates characters and words and sentences
      • boolean is true or false
  • In addition to this, there are tow data types called compound and special data types
  • arrays and objects come under compound data type
  • null and resource come under special data type

Answerd on:2019-05-23 Answerd By:vivekEdu

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