role of truth in an interview

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Role of truth in an interview

How to deal with questions related to previous salary ?


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You have to be prepared to talk about salary on a job interview, even before you talk to people in person. There's a good chance they'll ask you about your salary history in the very first piece of correspondence you receive once you've submitted a resume in response to a job posting.
A lot of job ads tell you to send your salary history along with a resume and cover letter. Don't do that -- your salary history is nobody's business but your own. You can give them what they need by specifying your salary target instead of your salary history. A screener looking at a stack of resumes or opening file after file in quick succession on her screen won't even notice the distinction between salary history and salary target. As long as your number is within the range that the employer has already specified for the position, you'll be fine.
There are employers who will tell you "We pay under market." Think about what those words mean. The market rate is what other companies are paying. The market sets itself, like any market - like the value of your home or of a used car you're looking to sell or buy. When somebody tells you "Our company pays under the market" they mean that they couldn't care less what your value is in the talent marketplace. They are hoping someone who doesn't know his value or whose mojo is depleted and self-confidence diminished will come and work for them for galley-slave wages. You can't grow your flame in a place like that. Don't do it!



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