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How to join eduladder?

I want to work with eduladder also i want to know what all and all i will learn by working with eduladder? Explain with all the necessary details


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Hey, hope you all are ready for the unique adaptive career path with the comfort of working from home.

The the tasks are lined up to get you realize the skillset you are best at

Week 0

Introduction to all the assignments.

Week 1 (free week)

Try out all the assignment for the whole week and submit your report/interest by end of the week.

  1. Content updating.

  2. Coding for website's interface and updating.

  3. Digital and offline marketing.

  4. Blogging, social media and magazine updation.

  5. Business development thesis.

  6. Event hosting.

  7. Intern’s choice**

Week 2 (beginning)

Work on your chosen assignment for a whole week and submit a report by the weekend. Your interest towards your field will be tested in this week.

Week 3 (semi-pro)

Continue on the task chosen after week 1 and work further for in-depth knowledge and experience. Your willingness to light midnight lamp to explore the deep into your interest will be tested in this week.

Week 4 (professionalism)

You can again choose from one of the assignments, stay with the current one or choose a new one. You have proved your worth to the market. The questions of how you are used to the company will be tested in this final week.

Details about above-given tasks

Content updation -

Eduladder provides open notes , questions and answers of several universities and colleges at one place. So we need professionals to keep on updating the portal with questions and answers.

Coding -

The portal need to be updated time to time to accommodate changing technology and social mindset of people. We need dynamic coders to keep on updating it from time to time.

Digital and offline marketing-

Marketing is like supplying water to a growing startup. So we need marketing professionals to keep on talking about our products both online and offline. Their might be field work also assigned to some lucky interns.

Social media , magazine-

Content matters most when it comes to advertising. We need people best at making something ordinary look extremely important and exciting.English  proficiency with artistic creativity is a must. You will be working on our social media platforms and magazine updation.

Business development -

In-depthh working on planning development of the business around the existing startup. It can include introduction of new products , road map to increasing revenues , etc. The toughest task , so be prepared to work extra hard if you choose this.

Event hosting -

Hosting online events to popularize the company. It includes planning the event from scratch to execution. You will be co decision maker with our key decision makers. The success of this task depends upon the success of the event.

Intern’s choice**

Apart from this if you are interested to do something else or you have an extraordinary skill set in sometime that can be used by us can be your task. This task has to be approved by us.

Completion of all week is required for certification.

You can take week off by informing us and change from one assignment to other anything with our permission.

Week 2 and 3 has to be done with same assignment.

We encourage our interns to ask questions regarding anything they want. Reach us on our website

All the best

If you are intrested please fill the form below.
Starting date: Always open
Deadline for your application: As soon as possible
Ending date: Very near by :)



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