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The Eduladder is a community of students, teachers, and programmers just interested to make you pass any exams. So we solve previous year question papers for you.
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Motive of eduladder

 Is eduladder only interested in making students pass the exams or giving them in depth knowledge of subjects also its purpose ?


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My self I am Arun I started this when I was a graduate student who used most of his spare time for coding and some small amount of time to study and when exam arrives mostly I will refer previous year question papers to pass exams so I purchased a small domain and started to put question papers in it. When years started to roll on I felt like adding other functionality along with this such as something allows users also to contribute. When users started to contribute quality control was necessary so I thought of implementing a quality control algorithm in eduladder which is something similar to stack overflow so we implemented a quality control algorithm also along with this. To make users to easier to use then went on and started to talk about this with my friends and there I met my cofounder Vishnu then we went on and we presented this in BarCamp Bangalore there I met an investor who given us a small amount of seed funding this is where our story actually begins. And this is the motive. Now feels like there is much more has to be done in education sector so focusing on that. :)


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